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Artist:The Fatback Band
Label:  Important
Catalogue:TAN 10
Date:Aug 1986
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Community:7 Own
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AThe Fatback BandI Found Lovin'J. Flippin, M. Walker4.5  Rate
BThe Fatback BandIs This The Future?Gerry Thomas9.0  Rate


Number: 295171  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: ye olde drunk
Description: A side label

Number: 295172 
Uploaded By: ye olde drunk
Description: B side label

Number: 1660404 
Uploaded By: musicmasters
Description: A Side Label - Alternative Version

Number: 1660405 
Uploaded By: musicmasters
Description: B Side Label - Alternative Version

29th May 2015
 added alternative label scans

23rd Nov 2011
 As far as I am aware there have been but 4 records in the whole Brrit Soul-Boy scene where an alternativte mix has made it commercially as the superior, sought-after, and the correct version and this 7" is the most stark contrast starting point of all of them:-

Instant Funk Got My Mind Made Up Tom Moulton Mix
Deodato Whistle Bump USA Promotional Club Mix
War Galaxy USA Dance Mix

The correct and right version of this is only available on the 12" release, this 7" is an edited version of the original track that was the basis for that ultimate and holy grail 'performance'

The BBC Radio London Soul Night out live recording of DJ Steve Walsh and the gang @ First Leisure's flagship London club in Licester Square.

There was a group of dedicated DJ's and massive possie of Soul Boys from all over the counties. that met up at various venues for Soul Night's Out and All Dayers, Lacie Lady Enfield, Goldmine Canvey Is. The Ferry Cookham, Rio Didcot, Mecca London Rd Purley, Robbie Vincent, Chris Brown, Sean French, Steve Walsh, It really was a massive scene and the members loyal to the music.

Steve was this larger than life character and a great front man and gifted with working the lads and he bought IFL to the gang's attention and would work this in his set to the extent that the Fatback crew knew all about this and requested that one of the live audience participation performences be recorded and put out as a record of these happenings>>>>>>>>>>> The 12" was indeed just that an amzing live performence featuring a live capacity croud. All the woah-oh's the I found Love's and Steve being Steve.

[Sadly Steve died as he had lived as a larger than life Soul-Boy and sadly missed, he had been out in Spain making a video for his own release of IFL, we did a few shows to raise some money for his wife and baby he had left behind but that 12" of this 7" caught the moment and a way of life for a whole generation of Soul Boys had that mix been edited for a 7" then I would have rated it 10 because of what it was, stood for and what it said]


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