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Record Details

Label:  Fontana
Catalogue:TF 449 / 267 331 TF
Date:Feb 1964
Chart Position:2
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:81 Own
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AMillieMy Boy LollipopR. Spencer, J. RobertsB.P.R. ProductionsErnest Ranglin8.8  Rate
BMillieSomething's Gotta Be DoneTony WashingtonB.P.R. ProductionsHarry Robinson5.0  Rate


NME review Mar 6, 1964.


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3rd Jun 2015
 Classic pop here.

Charlie Chalk
28th Dec 2014
 It's not on any vinyl 7" (AFAIK) - here's the instrumental version of 'Lollipop':

Very nice, and allegedly with the original harmonica solo which was replaced on the single version.

23rd Nov 2012

19th Nov 2012
 Chris Blackwell, Harry Robinson and Chris Peers formed B.P.R. Productions.

You can read LAURENCE CANE-HONEYSETT's story of Millie and her hit here

22nd Mar 2012
 I tell you what, 3 or 4 pronged, either way... it still sounds brilliant!

1st Feb 2012
 i have a four prong label issue but at different angles more 1 4 7 and 10 instead of 12 3 6 and 9

25th Jan 2010
 4 prong Decca presses are pretty common (about a quarter of my mid 60s Fontana 45s?)... same goes for CBS. If possible, I think this site should always try and collect scans of original 3 prong pressings for all Philips labels.

MH - 'later' pressing here just means weeks or months - they will have been on sale when the record was charting so your Mam will have bought it 'at the time'...

23rd Jan 2010
 Note music publisher, Fontana, 'Copyright Con'.--- Decca 'Planetary Nom'. I would guess the Decca sub con press was completed later when composers provenance was established. Additionally, Decca pressed quite a few LP's for Philips/Fontana...

Billy Two
23rd Jan 2010
 3-prong (textured labels) is deffo first press...

23rd Jan 2010
 Going to check this out as I swear my "My Boy Lollipop" bought at the time (although it's my Mams technically) is a 4-prong centre. Several 1964 Fontana 45's are 4-prongers.

23rd Jan 2010
 Lighter blue 4 support centre, later Decca sub con press. 3 support original in house Philips stamping. (There may be more info in the centre run-off)

23rd Jan 2010
 Recently added labels likely to be early pressing, and the lack of composer and publisher credits due to uncertainty over who wrote the song. Different centres also. This song has its own Wiki page.

23rd Jan 2010
 Alternative labels without production credits and no composer details on A side uploaded.

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