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Artist:The Spencer Davis Group
Label:  Fontana
Catalogue:TF 632 / 267514 TF
Date:26 Nov 1965
Chart Position:1
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Community:126 Own, 3 Want
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AThe Spencer Davis GroupKeep On RunningJ. Edwards9.5  Rate
BThe Spencer Davis GroupHigh Time BabyWinwood, Davis, Winwood8.3  Rate


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Deepinder Cheema
24th Mar 2015

I spotted one today but needed to be sure. It was then I realised that it went to No 1. I wonder if EMI and CBS also pressed it up.

24th Mar 2015
 Looks very much like a Decca pressing to me.

Deepinder Cheema
24th Mar 2015
 Can anyone with the 4 prong version(s) recognise who pressed it. I assume it is a contract pressing.

8th May 2014
 It's not the Irish press because i) it has the cat. no. TF 632, ii) it doesn't have "Made In Ireland" across both labels, and iii) it only has the BPR credit on the A-side, not both.

7th May 2014
 If it's not this one ETF. 632 we need a scan.

7th May 2014
 Felonious. Confirm "Keep On Running" with a B.P.R Production credit. The B-side has the usual Island credit.

6th May 2014
 Could you double check your copy of Keep on Runnin'? Thanks.

6th May 2014
 I have a copy of this record with the A-side credit "A B.P.R. Production" instead of the usual Island Record Production credit. As far as I can see none of posted variations have this.

2nd Mar 2011


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