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Label:  Fontana
Catalogue:TF 715
Date:24 Jun 1966
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Community:10 Own, 7 Want
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ACraigI Must Be MadGeoff BrownPage One Records9.3  Rate
BCraigSuspenseGeoff BrownPage One Records8.5  Rate


5th Dec 2010
 Both I Must Be Mad and Suspense on this You Tube clip.


Oakley Boys
5th Dec 2010
 Geoff, It's a pleasure to have you on this site ( my view). I Must Be Mad is one of my most favourite tracks of all time. One day I'll be able to afford an original!

Col Wolfe
5th Dec 2010
 Ah, yes... 'Dancing Down In New Orleans' was used as the Bside of 'I Must Be Mad' for the German issue. That's a great track too. I think the first comp it appeared on was Vol.1 of the 'Purple Heart Surgery' series.

5th Dec 2010
 Hi Geoff, it's always great to hear from actual band members, what area from Birmingham are you from and do you still reside there? I myself live in Kings Heath, I don't have any Craig singles on vinyl but I do have "I Must Be Mad" on 3 different CD compilations plus another track called "Dancing Down In New Orleans" which is on a CD called "Rare 60's Beat Treasures Vol.2". What is the story behind this track as I can't find any other reference to it anywhere?

Col Wolfe
5th Dec 2010
 Hi Geoff - this is a superb double-sider. I only have it as a US Fontana issue these days :(

Did you record anything else apart for these 2 Fontana 45s?

5th Dec 2010
 I was the lead singer and composer of both songs. We went into the studio with Larry Page producing with Suspense as the potential A-side. He asked if we had another song and we played I Must Be Mad, which I had recently written. Little did we know he was recording it and there it was played live in one take!
Little did we suspect it would be a collectors item years later.
Carl Palmer is the drummer, who was only sixteen at the time. Another interesting fact is the guitar solo on the B-side was played by another of Larry's band,The Troggs.

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