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Artist:The Fresh Windows
Label:  Fontana
Catalogue:TF 839
Date:Jun 1967
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Community:8 Own, 5 Want
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AThe Fresh WindowsSummer Sun ShinesBarrett8.0  Rate
BThe Fresh WindowsFashion ConsciousBarrett10.0  Rate


17th Jul 2013

One of my favourite when talking about lost sixties b-side.


13th Jun 2011
 Snippets of Fashion Conscious with the mention of "The Fresh Windows single circa '67" are printed in the back cover of the 1980 first LP by Television Personalities "And Don't The Kids Just Love It". I remembered being intrigued back then, wondering if a band with such a glorious name and a striking entitled 45 did really exist at all until i stumbled upon the first volume of Chocolate Soup For Diabetics a few months later.

big swifty
28th May 2011
 To be fair to the Record Collector price guide and the magazine - they have steadily ruined collecting records. Same goes for Paul Hamlyn and his book. He deals in statistically irrelevant clusters of data and like the RCPG research it is rubbish and a nuisance.

28th May 2011
 I've changed it in accordance with the images

28th May 2011
 The 45cat entry for this 45 show's the sides reversed to the Factory Sample images I have just uploaded to the site. The 2012 RC guide has 'Fashion Conscious' as the A Side, but the 1993 RC magazine suggests it was the B side.... confused

big swifty
20th Jun 2009
 The Choc soup bootleg is where I heard this first. Lee Wood the 'legger naughtily credited Fashion Concious to S.Barrett. Its just Barrett.

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