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Artist:Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich
Label:  Fontana
Catalogue:TF 903 / 267 803 TF
Date:Feb 1968
Chart Position:1
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Community:87 Own, 2 Want
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ADave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And TichThe Legend Of XanaduHoward BlaikleySteve Rowland8.5  Rate
BDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And TichPleaseHarmon, Davies, DymondSteve Rowland6.8  Rate


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29th Aug 2013

Reworked , live , in 2008

7th Aug 2012
 We are (almost!) the same age, ZebedyZak!

18th Jan 2012
 In February 1968 we had our first record player. I was just approaching my 6th birthday. The first three singles we had to play on it - all bought on the same day - were Tom Jones' "Delilah", Manfred Mann's "Mighty Quinn" (also on Fontana - see TF 897) and this one.

Of the three above-mentioned singles (all of which were hits at that time), "The Legend Of Xanadu" was my favourite at the time. It also had the best B-side out of those three. "Please" is a good enough song to have been a hit in its own right. I found it on Youtube recently. How good it is to rediscover long-forgotten songs that I remember from my childhood.

"The Legend Of Xanadu" has never been forgotten, it still gets played on oldies programmes on the radio. It was the only No. 1 single by Dave Dee and the lads, out of a total of 13 Top 30 entries. I went on to get some of the band's other singles during 1968/69, including "Zabadak", "Last Night In Soho", "Don Juan" and "Snake In The Grass". The band were on their way out by mid-1969, there were no more Top 30 singles after "Snake In The Grass".

17th Jan 2012

8th Sep 2011
 The band were very popular in Ireland and were regular visitors.I saw them a few times back then.This topped the Irish charts.

8th Sep 2011
 A privileged little boy indeed!

8th Sep 2011
 I got Simon Says and Little Arrows as presents on the same day, still got 'em somewhere...

8th Sep 2011
 I've finally remembered what record I still have that I bought back then (off the back of my golf caddy job) was Lady Madonna - Beatles sping 1968. But my 1st purchase was Magical Mystery Tour, although I have 3 copies now, my original copies - because I bought two lots, first in Mono, then found out it was available in Stereo so got that too, both these went awol along the way or were knicked!

8th Sep 2011
 Like the Fontana Box Set one I have added or a new original?

8th Sep 2011
 Ha, a new copy would be nice!

8th Sep 2011
 That's 43 years ...... You should get a prize just for that!

8th Sep 2011
 Since it came out! 1968!

8th Sep 2011
 zabadak - and by the looks of it you still own the same disc?
How many years in your possession?

23rd Aug 2011
 I was given this as a sixth birthday present!

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