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Artist:The Misunderstood
Label:  Fontana
Catalogue:TF 998
Date:Feb 1969
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Community:31 Own, 5 Want
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AThe MisunderstoodChildren Of The SunBrowne, Hill9.8  Rate
BThe MisunderstoodI UnseenBrowne, Hill9.0  Rate


Both tracks published by The Beatles' Apple Publishing Ltd.


Number: 92283  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: A Side Label

Number: 99991 
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: B Side Label with centre

Number: 2299 
Uploaded By: 45TopCat
Description: A Side

Number: 2300 
Uploaded By: 45TopCat
Description: B Side

Number: 8402 
Uploaded By: 45TopCat
Description: First pressing with the original centre. A cool little advert pasted onto the sleeve too.

Number: 703057  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Jandm.wilson
Description: A-side

Number: 703059  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Jandm.wilson
Description: B-side

30th Apr 2016
 1966 tracks far too aggressive for 1966 UK but fortunately issued in 1969 just before the revamped line up issued very different tracks. The Cherry Red LP/CD is a wise buy for the unissued demos.

A side is a stomping psych garage track of incredible power to be a UK A side, must have terrified many! "An explosion from the Original Underground" says that ad with cute sun & kids cartoon, not so safe really...

B side is even more fist in your face about Hiroshima "I'm only 7 but I died.. I am dead" maybe a reminder to the Vietnam era?

On The Flip-Side
2nd Apr 2015
 Both songs can be heard (and downloaded) at this blog here. Flip-Side on The Misunderstood

30th Mar 2015
 "I Unseen" first popped onto my radar when I bought "Pillows and Prayers" the 99p Cherry Red compilation album back in the early 80's. Brilliant.

30th Mar 2015
 This was recorded in 1966 but not released until February of 1969? That seems odd.

Maybe so and there were reasons for that mainly thanks to the band breaking up in early 1967, yet the striking thing is, even though it didn't come out till early 1969, it doesn't sound dated - could had been a new 1969 recording and nobody would had been none the wiser showing how ahead of their time this band actually were which was one of the things about them that excited John Peel.

30th Mar 2015
 Thanks on the Flipside. I presume I can take you to the sun despite a play on the Light programme and John Peel supporting it on Radio London it did not sell enough to convince Fontana to re issue the follow up. Also the band had effectively broken up after the release of the first single. Guitarist Glenn Ross Campbell returned to the UK with a version of The Misunderstood which raised a bit of interest enough possibly to convince Fontana to issue their other two 1966 recordings.

On The Flip-Side
30th Mar 2015
  TF 777 is their first single, I Can Take You To The Sun/Who Do You Love.

30th Mar 2015

The Lyrics to I Unseen are shared with the Byrds version I come and stand by every door available on CSM 546 and attributed on their Fifth Dimension album to N. Hikmet. James Waters has been added to the credits on recent re issues.

On The Flip-Side
30th Mar 2015
 This was recorded in 1966 but not released until February of 1969? That seems odd.

9th Sep 2014
 B side a very dark all-dead after nuclear lyric

3rd Jun 2014

19th Oct 2013
 and I also have the 3 pronger... corking mint copy too!

18th Oct 2013
 cinique,really! - I've got the three pronger too!

9th Oct 2013
 I'd wager that the push-out centred version of this is at least 5 times scarcer than the large centre press.

23rd Aug 2013
 Ah! OB its not the same - you can't smell the years buried deep in them old 45 vinyl grooves!

Oakley Boys
18th Jun 2011
 Hi Auto_Da_Fe, thanks for the advice. To be honest I generally don't go for re-issues especially on a re-issue label. I'd rather get a CD version which I have of this on Nuggets II. Buying this compilation has saved me a few thousand £ I can tell you!

18th Jun 2011
 There's always the 1980 reissue CHERRY 22

18th Jun 2011
 OB I was lucky I got mine before pysch went through its fashionable phase, but looking through the popsike prices £100 equals a stone mint copy, you could shop around I don't think its that rare in comparison the likes of The Craig. I believve there are several euro versions with sleeves?

Oakley Boys
18th Jun 2011
 Absolutely agree, one fantastic track. I haven't got a vinyl copy yet but have seen one for £100 which is very tempting ( if the wife allows me). Definitely in my top two most desirable freakbeats which I haven't got ( the other is 'I Must Be Mad' by Craig).

17th Jun 2011

17th Jun 2011
 Perhaps the answer lies in their name Ratty!

17th Jun 2011
 Quite simply one of the finest singles ever released. First time I heard it on John Peel's Top Gear programme was one of those life changing moments. A week later, I was blasting myself senseless with the sheer ferocity of the feedback crazed slide guitar. I played it to my kids when I felt they were old enough to appreciate it. My son thought it was "OK." My daughter gave me a look of concern and disappeared to listen to her Spice Girls CD.

Dr Doom
21st Dec 2008
 Would love to see the advert if you do find it.

Thanks for all your comments, they are much appreciated.

: )

big swifty
21st Dec 2008
 Recorded in around 1966 about the time of the first record TF 777.

There is an Ad for this record featuring a drawing of a sun and two kids which is a delight - I will have to find it and post it up.

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