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Artist:Sooty And Sweep Assisted By Harry Corbett
Label:  Fontana
Catalogue:TFE 17365 / 465 172 TE
Date:Sep 1961
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Community:2 Own
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ASooty And Sweep Assisted By Harry CorbettBedtime With Sooty And SweepRate
BSooty Assisted By Sweep And Harry CorbettSooty At The OrganRate


see October 1961 catalogue


Mikey Dread
11th Jan 2015
 "Bedtime With Sooty And Sweep assisted by Harry Corbett". By the expression on Sweep's face, Harry's just walked in the room for his hand puppets biweekly brachioproctic insertion.

"I've just gotten off the phone with Sooty. Couldn't understand a freaking word of it!" ~ Says Soo on her latest Twitter post.

30th Oct 2012
 Well, in a good way, Matthew will have had his chips.....

Deepinder Cheema
30th Oct 2012
 Well, Matthew .. Its safe to say that he wouldn't have inherited much in the way of wealth from the originator of Sooty. I want to see Japanese Sooty & Sweep. Peter Green made a comment about Sweep which I hope I can find.

30th Oct 2012
 Well I never. I didn't know that. Another fascinating fact from 45cat!!
What an interesting family.
As for understanding Sweep, Monkeyhanger, I thought the same. I think that's why it sounds so funny. My favourite Sweep gag is on an LP I have (blushes) where they visit Paris. They're at a cafe when Mr Corbett calls for the 'garçon'. Sooty asks what that means and when Mr. C. Says it means 'boy', Sweep starts 'laughing' (fans will know the sound!!!). Mr C asks him why he's laughing and Sweep answers with a series of squeaks that translates to 'he looks about 50!'.
It makes me laugh even now.
*seeks professional help*

30th Oct 2012
 Matthew Corbett is now the heir to the Harry Ramsden fortune, he has also flogged the rights to Sooty to the Japanese and is a multi-millionaire. As telegramsam says, Sweep still makes me chuckle..worse thing is, I can understand EVERY word he says! Luckily my two Daughters (who are now Teenagers) both loved Sooty and Sweep too. My fave was always Butch the Bulldog though!

Deepinder Cheema
30th Oct 2012
 I would lay money that Sooty got the deal on Fontana because of Clive Selwood later of Elektra, Decca and CBS had a talent for spotting trends. He came up with the idea of releasing Take Five as a '45 ..I may have mentioned this before.

The Toad
30th Oct 2012
 There's a Harry Corbett & Sooty imitation on The Berries' 'The King (Don't Be Cruel)', EPC 7645, from 1971. Check the YT video.

There's also a Jimmy Saville imitation on it, for better or worse.

29th Oct 2012
 I didn't know until recently that Harry Corbett was the nephew of fish & chip businessman Harry Ramsden, and he actually played piano in Harry Ramsden's second fish & chip restaurant in Guiseley, West Yorkshire.

29th Oct 2012
 That's nice to know. The copy I found was 75p. Cover isn't brilliant, but luckily the record itself isn't too bad. I enjoyed listening to it and Sweep is somehow very funny. Still. Sooty was quiet though (sic). Ha ha.

29th Oct 2012
 There are about 4 or 5 different Sooty and Sweep EPs on Fontana, and you'd be hard-pushed to find even well-used copies for less than £10 these days.

29th Oct 2012
 Indeed, his voice is sampled on at least some mixes of BRW 205.

29th Oct 2012
 The sound of my childhood. HC's voice is just as I recall as a wee nipper - and Sweep still makes me laugh even now.
*seeks help*

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