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Artist:Thin Lizzy
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:THIN 1
Date:Aug 1979
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Community:28 Own
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A1Thin LizzyThings Ain't Working Out Down At The FarmLynottNick Tauber, Phil Lynott8.5  Rate
B1Thin LizzyThe RockerLynott, Downey, BellNick Tauber, Phil Lynott9.5  Rate
B2Thin LizzyLittle DarlingLynottNick Tauber, Phil Lynott8.5  Rate


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8th Oct 2011
 I don't mind when artists re-record tracks but i've never really been a fan of "retro-overdubbing". I remember when i first bought the LP that these tracks came from (The Continuing Saga...) back in '79 and being a bit annoyed that they had gone back into the studio and "Touched Up" most of the tracks on that compilation. Saying that, "Farm" has benefited while still retaining the original charm. Thankfully we can appreciate all 8 overdubs on the recent Lizzy cd reissues.

Oakley Boys
20th Jun 2011
 Considering who contributes to this site I was extremely surprised to have to add these last three scans.

23rd Jul 2010
 It'll have been this re-issue that prompted Peel to play it that night (see below!) August 79 eh? Seems like yesterday. Great Early Lizzy song too.

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