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Artist:Marvin Gaye
Label:  Tamla Motown
Catalogue:TME 2019
Date:Mar 1967
Title:Originals From Marvin Gaye
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Community:11 Own, 4 Want
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A1Marvin GayeCan I Get A Witness?Holland, Dozier, HollandHolland, Dozier9.0  Rate
A2Marvin GayeStubborn Kind Of FellowGaye, Stevenson, GordyHolland, Dozier7.7  Rate
A3Marvin GayeBaby Don't You Do ItHolland, Dozier, HollandHolland, Dozier8.0  Rate
B1Marvin GayeYou're A Wonderful OneHolland, Dozier, HollandHolland, Dozier9.0  Rate
B2Marvin GayeHitch HikeStevenson, Gaye, PaulHolland, Dozier8.3  Rate
B3Marvin GayePride And JoyWhitfield, Stevenson, GayeHolland, Dozier7.3  Rate


7th Sep 2014
 6 tracks leaves the sound quality very soft, not a good idea & be sure it plays noisy if under EX!

12th Jun 2014
 Hi Neil, I think I said this on another thread as well, but you've got the Capitol chronology wrong. It was founded in 1942, and distributed independently in the US, and EMI bought their majority share in 1955. Before that, they were distributed by Decca in the UK, Australian Record Company in Australia, Radio Corporation of New Zealand in NZ, and no doubt many other companies worldwide, finally coming under EMI's worldwide distribution in 1955 as a result of that majority purchase (100% purchase was about 1979, as you say), and then moving to Universal worldwide as a result of the 2012/2013 EMI sale (though I think EMI has been kept as an autonomous company here in Oz). So, Capitol never went from EMI to Decca and ARC, it was the other way around.

11th Jun 2014
 I've played my copy twice in the lifetime I have had it but I can listen to the songs on other sources. I can play the tracks on this AET 6006 with a bit more bass on the mixer but the above Marvin Gaye EP is too quiet for DJ'ing.

11th Jun 2014
 Is it uncommon to see a 45 with over 7 minutes per side?

Neil Forbes
11th Jun 2014
 Oh R.C.! Naughty, Naughty! Still I do remember some Capitol 45s being issued with large centres, and they were Australian! This was at the time when Capitol was being pressed and issued here by the Australian Record Company, from around 1955 to 1961 or slightly earlier. And throughout this period, EMI still owned Capitol(94-odd% ownership, 100% by the 1980s), which brings me back to the question, why? EMI had to relinquish manufacture and distribution of a label it owned all but outright and hand over to Decca in England, and A.R.C. here. I don't rightly know who handled the label in Europe. Anyone got any ideas?

11th Jun 2014
 ...as an owner of this record, because of the six tracks, and the corresponding timings, the sound level is quite low, and I used to play all my 45s with a Shure M75EJ elliptical stylus cartridge tracking at 0.5 grammes.

I foolishly lent my copy of TME 2019 to a friend, who must have used a pavement slab to weigh the tone arm down..............result when I got the EP back, there was surface noise evident.

Record Collector
11th Jun 2014
 oh well I was age of eight neil at the time you know what boys are like at that age lol

Neil Forbes
11th Jun 2014
 Wondered when I was going to see something from you, R.C.! How goes it? I always like to keep the optional centres intact. It's when I see European or American discs with those "spider" adaptors inserted, they get bumped out because the records are meant to have large centres. I simply use the spindle adaptor on my turntable for those types of record.. With the British(and early Aussie) discs, it disappoints me to see them with their centres punched out.

Record Collector
11th Jun 2014
 I used to have early 45's with those and popped them out without no reason at all

Neil Forbes
11th Jun 2014
 It's a curious thing with me. First time I ever laid eyes on any British 45s, I believed they ALL had optional centres. That was way back in 1969. Now I see the output is mixed between optional or solid. In Australia, RCA was the last to phase out the optional centre, doing so in 1966, a couple of issues of that year were "Words Of Love"/"Dancing In The Street"(Mamas & Papas) and "I'm A Believer"/"(I'm Not Your)Steppin' Stone"(Monkees). All the other companies ceased using optional centres in Australia by 1962. So you could say RCA was dragging the chain a bit. Fascinating this Marvin Gaye EP had 3 tracks per side. Must've set the cutting stylus at a very close pitch as each of these tracks go well over two minutes.

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