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Record Details

Artist:Stevie Wonder
Label:  Motown
Catalogue:TMG 1235
Date:Jul 1981
Chart Position:2
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Community:60 Own
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AStevie WonderHappy BirthdayStevie WonderStevie WonderStevie Wonder7.4  Rate
BStevie WonderHappy Birthday (Sing-A-Long)Stevie WonderStevie WonderStevie Wonder5.3  Rate


10th Jun 2015
 My copy, (like bikeboyz') has "Strawberry" stamped on the dead wax of both sides. (Record scans 1 & 2). "Strawberry Mastering", in Stockport, Greater Manchester & "Strawberry South", Dorking in Surrey. 2 studios - both in England..which were closed by 1983).

24th Nov 2014
 Although, so far, i have found only stamped,i strongely suspect (as Graham7 has discovered via the vastly underated Mancunian hero's known as 10cc)that Klepsie was being a wee bit cheeky when he declared that it was ALWAYS stamped.

11th Nov 2014
17th Oct 2014
"sitting here thinking if Klepsie is right.......is it ALWAYS stamped ??"

My Dreadlock Holiday (paper label) has "Strawberry" scratched in, not stamped.

17th Oct 2014
 sitting here thinking if Klepsie is right.......is it ALWAYS stamped ??. Will attempt to contradict/surrender to superior knowledge after a check of my vinyl.(could take a while!).

24th Oct 2013
 Another Stevie Wonder chart-topper that wasn't. Like his earlier "Yester-Me Yester-You" (TMG 717), this one managed one week at Number One on the NME charts, but not the official chart upon which the Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles was based.

This was the fourth Stevie Wonder single to halt at Number 2 in the UK, by which time he had notched up six US Number Ones. I remember when this one began to fall after stopping in second place, I said to my sister "It looks as though Stevie Wonder will never have a UK Number One". My sister said then, "I think he will. One of these days he will come up with something that will really catch on". Three years later he finally scored that elusive UK Number One smash with his biggest seller, "I Just Called To Say I Love You" (TMG 1349). So, once again my sister was proved to be correct in her predictions (she was right more often than not).

8th Jan 2013
 Single @ NUMBER 1 on NME CHART, week ending 15th August 1981, for 1 week only.

13th Feb 2012
 Strawberry Studios was a highly regarded recording venue in the 1970s and 1980s: http://www.strawberrynorth.co.uk/

The STRAWBERRY stamp in the dead wax isn't uncommon (AFAIK it was always stamped, not just scratched in like 'A Porky Prime Cut').

13th Feb 2012
 Mine has STRAWBERRY stamped in the run out area on both A and B sides, the label says manufactured in the United Kingdom by EMI. So what's the fruit!?

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