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Record Details

Artist:Martha And The Vandellas
Label:  Tamla Motown
Catalogue:TMG 599
Date:17 Mar 1967
Chart Position:21
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:111 Own, 1 Wants
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AMartha And The VandellasJimmy MackHolland, Dozier, HollandHolland, Dozier9.3  Rate
BMartha And The VandellasThird Finger, Left HandHolland, Dozier, HollandHolland, Dozier9.4  Rate


Record Mirror review Mar 18, 1967.
A release date of 9 Jun 1972 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 428
A release date of 5 Dec 1975 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 603.


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My Friend Jack
12th Nov 2014
 This one is even better!

Oakley Boys
12th Nov 2014
 Felonious, that is a very useful quiz site :-) thanks!

11th Nov 2014
 Don't tell anyone but this site still works http://www.everyhit.com/

11th Nov 2014
 ....not wishing to cause disharmony (there's a first) Oakley Boys, I should point out that my own personal copy scan has not been posted, but would look the same as yours, a solid centre with KT embossed slug, bought new March 1967.

I will relocate my copy sometime soon, and have a look see. According to the official chart website, which is practically useless, this release entered the chart on 30th March 1967, spent nine weeks on chart, and achieved a top placing of #21.
The Official Chart only shows the top ten singles, (maybe because the site is shown as "down" right now, ) although there was at one time a bod who compiled the complete charts on his own website, but was told to take it down by BMRB, for infringing copyright.

Meantime, I would suggest that the current display layout is correct, and we must await for a posting of the Mar 1967 original promo........

Oakley Boys
11th Nov 2014
 Has Big Tom's copy(ies) got an embossed KT. If not then that would put my solid centre surely after yours seeing as you say you bought when it first came out?

10th Nov 2014
 After re-reading my notes of 23rd Jun 2011, where I listed the earliest released copies, I would now add that the scan posted by gino-nottingham #859083 should be moved to either position number one or position number three.

First pressings of this release show "Sold in UK subject to..." script in centre of label, and an embossed slug. It is of no consequence to me that a record is a 4-pin dink or a solid centre, as all records are pressed as solid centres, then die-cut to produce the push out centre, as required.
Juke box distributors would always opt for the solid centre variant, so that their operatives could custom die-cut the 1½" centre hole required so that the single can be played on juke bokes. Die-cutting a previously 4-pin dinked single was not an option.
I would estimate that for TMG 599, up to 10,000 copies solid centre variants were pressed, as firm orders by juke box companies, and the production date would not necessarily be later than the 4-pin dink.

KT embossed 'slugs' are visible in centre of record, on Side A or Side B, although there are instances in my own collection where slugs are not present, as per bigtoms' scans, so that they may well be from the same first issues.

As far as I can recall, my copy, which I bought as soon as released in 1967, is a solid centre copy.

From the top scans 859083 (gino-nottingham), 137494, 137495 (bigtom), 137471, 137472 (Oakley Boys), in that order should keep everyone happy....

9th Nov 2014
 Here's the A-side single version in stereo

Jimmy Mack-single stereo


9th Nov 2014
 I've only ever seen one 1967 green demo and it's long been acknowledged as one of the hardest (if not the hardest) of the greens to find.
The original 4-prong release is also quite tricky with the solid centre "Sold In UK" being 1967 second presses (if memory serves)
Trouble is I'm going back close to 50 years and trying to remember accurately what I was looking at aged 12 and bringing that memory forward 47 years ain't as easy as it once was!!

If we're not creating separate entries for these-releases, does this mean that my separate entry for UK Stax 106 June 1970 release should now be deleted and the images included under the original 1968 entry for Stax 106?


davie gordon
9th Nov 2014
 I bought it as a new release - Gino's is how I remember it, the solid centre issues came later.
I'm surprised the demo for the original issue hasn't been uploaded yet.

9th Nov 2014
 I think this page is an example of 45Cat at its finest. There's a lot of interest in the Tamla Motown label and it's not restricted to Northern Soul fans or to the UK,

Soul fans do obsess about which issue and when they were issued. Thanks to the contributors below we've established a time line with a bit of social history and some witty banter.

Separating out the different re issues in to new entries would make it more difficult to compare and contrast the images. They share the same Cat# and the same basic design.

What we need to do is to link release dates with the relevant images and maybe align chart positions as well. And where do we put Gino's KT stamped 4 prong image in the time line.

Technically we have the correct chart position as it hit #21 in 1967 and again in 1970.


8th Nov 2014
 Shouldn't the later 1970, 1972 and 1975 releases have their own separate entries as they have different release dates and therefore in all respects are new releases and not reissues?

15th Aug 2014
 Original sheet music.

9th Jan 2014
 Dead wax : B side only "Nick W".

1st Jun 2013
 4-prong first release of the A Side, with K T stamped in the centre, scanned in

8th May 2013
 The 9 June 1972 edition has "Third Finger" occupying the A-side of the demo label. Alas I don't have a copy to upload.

I wonder if this was reflected in the commercial pressings too?

20th Oct 2012
 this version BELL 1217 reached #7 in 1972.

20th Oct 2012
 if they'd still been giving b-sides their own chart entries (no, i don't know how they calculated them), "tf,lh" would have made the top ten too - it very quickly became a turntable hit at parties and discos, and stayed "up there" in requests through the mid & late seventies.

6th Dec 2011
 I'm rich!!! But back onto the music..it's a pity that these tracks have been overplayed/done to death as they are both crackers, but I can honestly say I've played my copy about twice..my band play Weddings and I reckon I've not gone a Fortnight in the last 15 years with hearing some DJ spin "TFLH"!!!

6th Dec 2011
 I've used Yankeedisc's and BigTom's posts as a guide to re ordering the images. Oldest first and the 1970 demo in the middle and my RCA 80's re issue at the end. We could do with some cleaner scans and cleaner labels. If you have a better copy please remove it from the bank vault you store it in and with an escort take it back home and scan it.

Your efforts will be appreciated.

6th Dec 2011
  when RCA records division was later sold to Ariola (BMG) by GEC (USA) and they still held the Pan Euro licence for the Motown Record Corporation. To tie in with a very shoddy and poorly mastered collection of 9 Albums + 1 seperate Promotional album in 1986 (that also fitted in the box) Motown Chartbusters "150 Hits Of Gold" (by comparrision to the excellent masters originally done by EMI @ Abbey Road Studios, crisp, bright, punchy,)

A collection of singles was taken from that "Hits Of Gold" series the stereo titles had been released in stereo previously by EMI.

Jimmy Mack is a very odd single and shares a lateness of it's release with Tears Of A Clown. Jimmy Mack was held back because of the Vietnam War and the fact that so many of the US solders were being slaughtered it was felt not a good idea to release it as a 45 at the time of it's recording, there were two versions recorded the Album Mix which was more swingy/jazzy and has a great piano rift. (this was mixed for stereo)

The 45 version was never mixed for stereo because it was shelved on hold and the mono master was pulled and eventually released.(it has been very mono for 40+ years, However for the Motown 50 celebrations in one of the best things that Motown's owners UMG actually have done is finally had a stereo mix of the 45 version done!

Fortunately UMG had forsight, the paperwork, history of requests and facts re- Jimmy Mack and it is now as it should have been heard atleast on the EMI UK Charbusters album and the "wonderful" thin RCA-BMG "Hits Of Gold" 1986 series!

The Demo's of Jimmy Mack are naturally worth "shed-loads" and the original EMI pressings dinked or un-dinked with "sold in" centre label text some via a tax coded embossed stamper plate and naturally in original sleeves of the time are worth a shed-load more than their original 6/- 6d (32 1/2p) RRP !

What is sad is that the Stereo 45 version has not come out on Vinyl (yet) but there are a few of us working on that, with the tracks rich and important providence and deep regard by motown fans.

JM could if promoted right make a UK #1 such is the Girl-Power and old soulboy regard and love of this all-time gem and now available for the first time in its stereophonic mix, thus giving us fans something new, refreshing exciting and NEVER HEARD BEFORE (which is my and THE whole point for my comments.. TFLH is also just as well regarded and has been available in stereo shed-loads of times, naturally.

No doubt Mr Felonious will be imparting Us all with his takes on this,

5th Dec 2011
 Not worth shed loads.

23rd Jun 2011
OldMod67.....I used to buy Tamla Motown singles, new from 1965 onwards, and the orange sleeves (front), and orange sleeves (back), the original ones, without adverts on the reverse, but record token info., did not last that long, just up to Oct 1967.
The orange ones you describe, from 1981, were for reissues.
The olive sleeves sleeves came out in 1968, and I can recall buying Four Tops - You Keep Running Away 45, TMG 623 in an EMI stock sleeve, with pictures of LP sleeves on front and back, and not all were Tamla Motown releases. I guess there must have been shortages at the factory.

There's a misleading fact on this page, as the green label demo shown, is not the original demo from Mar 1967, but a repressing/repromotion demo from Aug 1970.
I would say that the solid label version posted by Oakley Boys (#137471, #137472) is the actual earliest issue currently on this page, as it has the embossed 'KT' on Side B, plus the printed 'Sold in U.K.' script in the centre.
Later versions have 'KT', or later Resale Tax codings, machine stamped in run out, rather than on the label, and also dropped the 'Sold in U.K.' script.

That would make the 4-prong version scans posted by bigtom16, #137494, and #137495, the second oldest issue on this page, as they have 'Sold in U.K.' script, on labels.

The other versions are later yet, with the RCA pressings (#52479, #52480, #96968, #96969) being the newest. Cronkeys, and Oakley Boys distressed scans, fit in between the oldest and newest mentioned.
The green label demo should be moved from top of display, and #137471 placed there, with #137472 as first of the rest.
If mods could carry out the shuffle I'd be obliged.

23rd Jun 2011
 re Felonious. I got my copy around the Summer of 1981 and recall a large selection (but could have been only 20..) at my local shop. It came in an orange die-cut company sleeve with ads for 7 motown LPs on the reverse.

14th Jan 2011
 Just uploaded what i believe are first pressings.? Unless someone knows different.

Oakley Boys
14th Jan 2011
 just uploaded scans with 'Sold in UK' and also variations on the RCA label ( albeit crappy labels). I also have an EMI without sold text with Factory Sample not for sale on.

8th Jan 2010
 When RCA took over the European distribution of Motown from EMI they re issued a series of twenty classic hits some in stereo and some using the original TMG catalogue number. You can identify them by checking the music publishing information and the mention of RCA at the bottom of the label.

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