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Record Details

Artist:Smokey Robinson And The Miracles
Label:  Tamla Motown
Catalogue:TMG 614
Date:7 Jul 1967
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Community:4 Own, 2 Want
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ASmokey Robinson And The MiraclesMore LoveWm. RobinsonSmokeyRate
BSmokey Robinson And The MiraclesSwept For You BabyWm. RobinsonSmokeyRate


Mis-labelled B-side. Plays Come Spy With Me as per TMG 614.


11th May 2014
 Added copy with a 4 prong centre.

20th Dec 2013
 Swept For You Baby

....just to keep Catagna45 on his toes, another little Side B gem from the incomparable Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, out of his 1966 album "Away We A Go-Go".
".......you're like a broom, I'm like dust in the room....." Smokey sings, and we believe him, as he recalls his loved up infatuation with the laydee of his dreams.
There is lovely tinkly bell sound, from a vibraphone I guess, played in unison with Marv Tarplin's (?) guitar, on right channel.
The older, sound of a Motown piano, and melancholy notes from multi tracked trombones, plus strings add to the overall feel of a sad song.
Drums, Bass, and the Miracles in back, with Claudette Robinson providing back up vocals no doubt.

27th Jan 2012
 Images of both sides uploaded and play checked. B Side plays "Swept For You Baby" as advertised so attached to this TMG 614. It's therefore not the mis-labelled version as mentioned in Notes here.

13th Nov 2011
 Thanks Davie,

In which case I think we keep this one, but with a note about the mis-labelled B-side.

"Unless, of course, you know different..."

"Thank you, Esther.


davie gordon
13th Nov 2011
 I bought this as a new release - the first copies have the b-side labelled as
"Swept For You Baby" but they play "Come Spy With Me". Later copies
were titled correctly. I don't think it's a case of it being withdrawn more like the label's being corrected when a second pressing run was done.

13th Nov 2011
 I'm getting conflicting information as to whether this or TMG 614 is the withdrawn version (different B-side). RRPG says this one was withdrawn, but other sources say TMG 614 was. Anyone?

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