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Artist:Dex Romweber Duo Featuring Jack White
Label:  Third Man Records
Catalogue:TMR 009
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Community:7 Own
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ADex Romweber Duo Featuring Jack WhiteThe Wind Did MoveRomweberJack White III6.0  Rate
BDex Romweber Duo Featuring Jack WhiteLast Kind Word BluesWileyJack White III5.0  Rate


Number: 42807  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: Front cover

Number: 42808 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: Back Cover

Number: 42809 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: A Side label

Number: 42810 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: B Side label

Number: 43524 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: Alternative Cover Front

Number: 43525 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: Alternative Cover Back

Number: 43526 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: Blue vinyl

Number: 43527 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: A Side label

Number: 771150 
Uploaded By: washlively
Description: Tri-Color A-side

23rd Mar 2013
 Added tri-color scan.

28th Apr 2012
 Nice to see TMR doing small hole centre singles. It would be nice to see some regular pressings made with small hole centres, perhaps exclusively for the UK market and ideally sold in Birmingham. That'd be great for me.

6th Nov 2009
 Halloween sleeve and glow in the dark record only available in Third Man Records London "Pop Up" store on 30th October 2009 (Limited run of 100 copies). Note the B side label is the same as the A side.

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