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Record Details

Artist:Carl Sagan
Label:  Third Man Records
Catalogue:TMR 020
Date:9 Nov 2009
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Community:10 Own, 1 Wants
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ACarl SaganA Glorious DawnJohn Boswell, Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, Steven Soter, Stephen HawkingJohn Boswell8.0  Rate


This record is a one sided disc, the B Side is an etched reproduction of The Voyager Golden Record


Number: 46513  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: Front Cover

Number: 46514 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: Back Cover

Number: 46515 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: A Side

Number: 46516 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: Full Record Scan

Number: 49339 
Uploaded By: Polegateman
Description: B side photoshopped to reveal images

4th Mar 2013
 I assume it's made of "Starstuff"!...John

4th Mar 2013
 It's still available (on 'regular' black vinyl) at Third Man Records' shop in Nashville, Tenn. I bought a copy (US$6) a couple weeks ago.

17th Dec 2009
 Yes all the regular release on TMR are available from the web site. I have found them in most cases cheaper than buying from a uk shop snd they are very quick to deliver.

17th Dec 2009
 still listed as available at the store on www.thirdmanrecords.com

Billy Two
17th Dec 2009
 That's the same version as on the record...

17th Dec 2009
 Is the version performed on youtube (link shown in earlier posting) the actual sound on the record, or a remix, please?

Dr Doom
17th Dec 2009
 Well it sold out at the place i ordered my copy from.


Billy Two
17th Dec 2009
 In a just universe, this would be xmas no.1.

27th Nov 2009
 Features the vocal talents of Stephen Hawking (and very good he sound too!)

"The surface of the earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean. Recently we've waded a little way out and the water seems inviting".

There was a cosmic coloured vinyl version limited to 150 copies, 100 available on the day of issue at the TMR Nashville store and the remaining 50 randomly inserted in mail orders.

Listen (and watch) using this link.

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