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Artist:The Black Belles
Label:  Third Man Records
Catalogue:TMR 140
Date:30 Apr 2012
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Black BellesWishing WellOlivia JeanJack White III8.0  Rate
BThe Black BellesMs. Black BootsThe Black Belles, Olivia JeanJack White III8.0  Rate


Billy Two
22nd May 2012
 Ah, well that makes me feel better about not going for one then - I'd vaguely planned on getting to Brighton Resident for around 7am, but it sounds like that wouldn't have done the trick.

I was also put off by the fact they were £14.99 to start with. Hey, I know they're collectable and nice items and are "worth" six++ times that amount the minute they enter the world of online auctioneering etc etc, but at the same time, you know...it all feels like the worst bits of RSD all over again. Do Third Man really need to profiteer on these from the outset ?

22nd May 2012
 As much as I would have liked one the fact that the 100 copies were spread 20 copies each at five record outlets was too much of a risk spending £80+ on a train or bus tickets. One guy I chatted to on-line turned up to queue at 5am in Brighton and didn't get one (even though he thought he was about 17/18th in the line).

Billy Two
22nd May 2012
 Didn't anyone get one of the tri-colours sold in a handful of UK shops last weekend ??

12th May 2012

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