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Record Details

Artist:Harry J. All Stars
Label:  Harry J / Trojan
Catalogue:TR 675
Date:8 Aug 1969
Chart Position:9
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Community:78 Own, 1 Wants
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AHarry J. All StarsLiquidatorH. JohnsonHarry J.9.2  Rate
BGlen And DaveLa La Always StayH. JohnsonHarry J.6.0  Rate


Matrix numbers:
TMX 314
TMX 334

The catalogue number is from the Trojan label's series.

Previously issued with a different B-side with the same catalogue number.


Charlie Chalk
3rd Nov 2014
 La La Always Stay (aka Rich In Love):


31st Jul 2014

Charlie Chalk
1st Dec 2013
 Yes - it is now!

Mikey Dread
1st Dec 2013
 Only the best hey Charlie.How come the green label issue isn't on top spot,isn't it the first issue?

Charlie Chalk
1st Dec 2013
 Unfortunately I only have the 3-prong and green pressings.

Mikey Dread
1st Dec 2013
 Missing 3-prong push-out centre 'A' side label scan uploaded.Superb tune! The 4-prong 'B' side label is still missing if anyone has the disc.

4th May 2013
 A Side Jukebox Centre scanned in.

5th Apr 2013
 Thats put a crimp on my day. RIP Harry.

Mikey Dread
5th Apr 2013
 So sad to hear about Harry J... Liquidator was also one of my first 45's in my introduction to Reggae music along with Jimmy Cliff's Wonderful World, Beautiful People. Brilliant tunes.

Charlie Chalk
5th Apr 2013
 RIP Harry Johnson. Died yesterday

Rotatey Diskers
31st Jul 2009
 OK, I've now created a separate entry for the first issue on green labels. This is so the B-side, Festive Spirit, is in the database. The scans have been transferred there.

I've seen both examples before but never noticed the different B-sides! 45cat strikes again.

Billy Two
30th Jul 2009
 I'm pretty sure that HJ 6615 also originally had the green/silver label - and the b-side of that was a Jay Boys track called "Festival Spirit" !

30th Jul 2009
 Hiya! As far as I know the first pressings on Harry J were the green ones, anyway try to check on BOSS SOUNDS book

Billy Two
30th Jul 2009
 Apologies for the ropey pics - that silver lettering plays havoc with my scanner...

Billy Two
30th Jul 2009
 Oooh - my copy has a totally different b-side ! I've had a copy of both green label and white label for years and only just noticed that !! "Festive Spirit" is a decent, mid tempo, slightly rootsy track.

The matrix number on the green label b-side has been scrubbed out, changing from a stamped TMX 315 to a hand etched 334, though it still says TMX 315 on the label...

30th Jul 2009
 Well I've just typed a label out for this 45 for my jukebox, and its got "La La Always Stay" on the b-side! The green label looks like a temporary job to me..just plain green with "Harry J" in Silver letraset shoddily arranged across the top.

Billy Two
29th Jul 2009
 The green label has the same cat no. but a different b-side - "Festive Spirit" by Glen And Dave. Huh ??

29th Jul 2009
 Again, my copy is on a green Harry J label, with Silver writing, bought at the time in my local Rumbelows!

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