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Label:  RCA Victor
Country:South Africa
Catalogue:TRS 487
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Community:2 Own, 1 Wants
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ASladeMy Oh MyHolder, LeaJohn PunterRate
BSladeKeep Your Hands Off My Power SupplyHolder, LeaJohn PunterRate


4th Jun 2013
 i think this is a South African pressing from my knowledge of the type of print font used. I am not 100% sure what 30-1-1984 signifies, whether the date of first pressing in South Africa or the date of first release in South Africa. The Zimbabwe pressing had the same label and catalogue number however (but may not have included the 30-1-1984 date). The disc charted in Zimbabwe on 07 april 1984 with a #12 peak and in South Africa on 12 may 1984 with a #9 peak. The song also reached #1 in Sweden and Norway, #2 in Switzerland and UK, #8 in Holland, #18 in Finland, #37 in the USA and #65 in Australia

My Friend Jack
31st Mar 2012
 Would the date (30-1-1984) refer to the date of release?

23rd Mar 2011
 My guess would be that Teal would only have had pressing facilities in SA, so they would have 'exported' to their branch in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and elsewhere they would have held the rights for, so 'yes' I would think this is a South African record in origin.

Paul Vinyl
23rd Mar 2011
 Recordman46 do you think this is a South African record?

23rd Mar 2011
 Teal was based in Johannesburg and was closely associated with RCA. It had branches in Rhodesia and Zambia and an office in London. Teal later merged with the Gallo label and Polygram took a large share of the combined operation in the 90s.

Paul Vinyl
22nd Mar 2011
 I'm sure this is a Zimbabwe release, can anyone confirm it?
I'm going on that it was manufactured by Teal Records which was from Zimbabwe but I think South Africa had Teal Records as well.

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