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Record Details

Artist:The Style Council
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:TSC 3 / 815026-7
Date:6 Aug 1983
Title:à Paris
Chart Position:3
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:89 Own, 1 Wants
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A1The Style CouncilLong Hot SummerWellerPeter Wilson, Paul Weller9.2  Rate
A2The Style CouncilParty ChambersWellerPeter Wilson, Paul Weller7.8  Rate
B1The Style CouncilThe Paris MatchWellerPeter Wilson, Paul Weller8.1  Rate
B2The Style CouncilLe DépartTalbotPeter Wilson, Paul Weller8.1  Rate


Number: 598923  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: Cover

Number: 598924 
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: Back cover

Number: 598927 
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: A side label

Number: 598929 
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: B side label

Number: 1516222 
Uploaded By: roboleyton
Edited By: roboleyton
Description: Blue label

Number: 1529571 
Uploaded By: roboleyton
Description: Blue Label B side

Number: 402605 
Uploaded By: Wurzelsepp
Description: Promo Postcard

Number: 11167  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Col Wolfe
Description: slv

Number: 11168  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Col Wolfe
Description: A Side

Number: 11169  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Col Wolfe
Description: B Side

Number: 11170  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Col Wolfe
Description: rearslv

Number: 1530739  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: roboleyton
Description: Blue label

8th Jun 2015
 Dead wax: (Record scan 1) A side only "Arun" (Chakraverty).

10th Jan 2015
 Blue labels added

Mikey Dread
14th Aug 2014
 Long Hot Summer

14th Mar 2013
 As much as I love my 45s, I always preferred the 12" of this - same track listing, louder cut and a better cover (featuring the small pic on the back of the 7" as its main image). Like that promo postcard though :)

17th Apr 2012
 One of the greatest ever

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