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Record Details

Artist:The Specials Featuring Rico
Label:  2 Tone
Catalogue:CHS TT 5
Date:Oct 1979
Chart Position:10
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Community:90 Own, 4 Want
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AThe Specials Featuring RicoA Message To You RudyR. ThompsonElvis Costello8.0  Rate
BThe Specials Featuring RicoNite KlubJ. Dammers, SpecialsElvis CostelloRate


First pressing with paper labels with later pressings injection moulded.
Dick Cuthell is credited with playing cornet on both tracks on the first issue only.

Chrissie Hynde provides guest backing vocals on Nite Klub.
Rico played on both this record and the original version (JB 273) by Dandy Livingstone.


24th Dec 2014

Original Promo Video

22nd Nov 2014
 One of the hardest to find on the paper label.

3rd Oct 2013
 A side dead wax: "A Message To You Rudie" (spelling sic)
B side dead wax: "Niteklub (discomix)"

26th May 2013
 aha! ok peeps, U.K. release it is... pressed in France for the U.K. to keep up with demand due to high sales, I guess...

but there's a lot of 45's on 45cat that need to be changed then, for example take a look at AMS 7073, there's a Dutch pressed copy with the same cat. no. as the U.K. pressed copy...

in the notes section for the Dutch pressing is; Dutch export issue for UK market

I thought that my French pressed copy would be put in as French with the note; French export issue for UK market


24th May 2013
 Yeah - if it were truly French, for domestic sale, it would have a different cat no...

24th May 2013
 The Specials were released on Chrysalis in France. This is a UK release which like many other singles from that era were manufactured in France. Export copies was a phrase we came up with in the early UK only days of the site to let London Enthusiasts post records they had which were pressed in the UK and sent to various parts of the Empire for sale. HL 7101

Your record was available along with all the other pressing variations in records shops in the UK. Thanks for your submission of this variation but it belongs here with its TT5 sisters.

24th May 2013
 why have my images (848773 and 848774) been put on this U.K. release? surely the 'Made In France' on the labels indicates a French pressed export single to the U.K. like a few other high selling U.K. singles on 45cat from the late 70's that were pressed in France to meet demand for the U.K. market? or does someone know any different?

Mikey Dread
17th Jan 2013
  I have a copy with the 'B' side label on both sides.

21st Jul 2012

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