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Record Details

Artist:Howard Tate
Label:  Turntable [Lloyd Price]
Catalogue:TT 505 / TT-505
Date:Jun 1969
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Community:6 Own
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AHoward TateThese Are The Things That Make Me Know You're GoneJimmy NormanLloyd Price, Arthur JenkinsRate
BHoward TateThat's What HappensJimmy Norman, Al PyfromRate


BB June 7, 1969


11th Jun 2015

11th Jun 2015

6th Sep 2012
 Im cool with that boss.

btw the uncredited band on this single and the others taken from Howard Tates "Reaction" LP is Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Dr Doom
5th Sep 2012
 Whoah. Take it easy.

We've gone with Lloyd Price's Turntable mainly as there's another NYC label called Turntable from the same decade and using the same prefix (Turntable Recording Corp.).

Seems like a weird thing for folks to get upset about.

Let's just move on......

: )

5th Sep 2012
 You can disagree all you want, but the label refers to Lloyd Price's club of the same name. Check Discogs, do some research.

5th Sep 2012
 sorry have to disagree there, the label name is Turntable.

5th Sep 2012
 Submitted label name correction: name is actually "Lloyd Price's Turntable", and is clearly listed as such on the labels.

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