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Artist:Elvis Costello And The Attractions
Label:  2 Tone
Catalogue:CHS TT 7
Date:18 Jan 1980
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Community:23 Own, 11 Want
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AElvis Costello And The AttractionsI Can't Stand Up For Falling DownBanks, Jones7.5  Rate
BElvis Costello And The AttractionsGirls TalkElvis Costello8.3  Rate


Between the collapse of Radar Records and the setting up of F-Beat this single was released on 2 Tone. WEA, who had distributed Radar, issued an injunction to stop the single being sold, so most were given away at gigs in the UK and USA. Initial copies have the 2 Tone catalogue number in the run-off area, later ones have the F-Beat catalogue number (although all have 2 Tone labels).


1st Jun 2015
 Jerry Dammers' version of events sounds ... um .... not particularly believable. "Braggin' & Tryin' Not to Lie" indeed!

11th Mar 2012
 Graduate - later known as Tears For Fears - released this as a tribute...

11th Dec 2010
 I love the fact that Jerry Dammers knocked Costello back because "He Wasn't Ska!"..

...bye bye Top Five hit then Mr Dammers.

2 years later, what were YOU doing?? E.C. forever!!!!!!

10th Dec 2010

You are correct that the EC single was not "released". I shoud've said "pressed. I honestly can't remember whether I got my copy at a NYC gig, or bought it later at a collector's store


Thanks for the link. The 2 Tone site verifies that The Special A.K.A. Live EP was released in 1980 (on 26 Jan) as I suspected. They have the EC single first in their order of singles (albeit with no release date), and all the data would seem to indicate the the EC disc was pressed first and The Special A.K.A. disc was pressed second...

10th Dec 2010
 Two Tone site comes up with explanations


10th Dec 2010
 I don't think the Costello single was "Released" at all!! My copy was given to me as a Freebie on the "Get Happy" tour in Sunderland in March 1980. The "Get Happy" gigs were all played in seaside towns and were brilliant shows, probably the best out of the dozens of Costello gigs I've seen. If I remember rightly, you had to "Ask" for a copy of the Single (I'm sure it was mentioned in Smash Hits or somesuch) ie they weren't just "dished out". I still have my Orange "Get Happy" T-shirt too.

10th Dec 2010
 Note that this single shares a catalogue number with The Special A.K.A. Live EP. The release date on that listing says it was released in Dec 1979, but the copyright dates on the sleeve and disc labels both say (P) & (C)1980 Chrysalis Records Limited (as do the labels on the EC disc). I think the 1979 date must be wrong.

I believe that the EC disc was released first, and then they realised they had already allocated the number to The Special A.K.A. EP, probably because they had printed the picture sleeves first. This would explain why the matrix number to the EC single was changed to the (future) F-Beat number, as they needed to be able to distinguish at the pressing plant which one was which.

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