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Record Details

Artist:The Four J's
Label:  United Artists
Catalogue:UA 125 X
Format:Bootleg / Repro 7"
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Community:6 Own
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AThe Four J'sRock And Roll AgeSal Baionno10.0  Rate
BThe Four J'sBe Nice, Don't FightSal Baionno8.0  Rate


23rd Nov 2013
 Given the number of informative comments on here it was easier to shift the promos to a new entry UA 125 X.

Mickey Rat might like to re post his comment to the promo entry.

26th Dec 2012
 My copy of this records is very much repro/bootleg.

mickey rat
16th Sep 2012
 Well, as usual I'll take this off in a completely different direction and attempt to link it to a previous thread on Buddy Greco on Herald and Loma here. The songwriter on both sides of this record is Sally Baionno who was Greco's wife. The Grecos I think were managing the Four J's and took them to Herald after this. The Four J's were also known as the Fabulous Four and backed a bunch of people including Fabian on Chancellor. Lead singer Jimmy Testa also recorded as Randy Stevens. Atlantic Publishing had nothing to do with Atlantic Records and may have been owned by the Grecos. More info on 4 J's / Fab Four Greco connection here

14th Sep 2012
The label shown also appears to be glossy, while originals were matte finish and a shade or two darker.

14th Sep 2012
 As for RCA Custom pressings of the period, Rockaway, NJ would have likely used typesetting from MacMurray Press in NYC, while Hollywood pressings would have used Bert-Co typesetting. Furthermore, there would have probably been horizontal lines on the top and bottom of the time listing.

14th Sep 2012
 that annoys me! now I have to look again, for the original. Thx all

14th Sep 2012
 Its on my list of known repros

Kent T
14th Sep 2012
 This according to the matrix number was an RCA Custom Pressing, US made. Not one of the typefaces on this label are what RCA Custom Records would have used when this record was released at either of the 3 US pressing plants RCA owned back then. W.B. lbl is correct, I think. The typefaces on this label could not have been used any earlier than 1967. Definitely IBM Selectric Composer Univers Bold used on this label. If it walks like a duck...

14th Sep 2012

14th Sep 2012
 I have always believed that this is an original :-(

13th Sep 2012
 And the font used for the words "United Artists" isn't correct either.

13th Sep 2012
 The variant shown here {Images #556991 & 556993} is a bootleg from some time in the 1970's. The presence of IBM Selectric Composer Univers Bold (which didn't even come out until 1966-67) is a key.

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