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Record Details

Artist:Bobby Goldsboro
Label:  United Artists
Catalogue:UA 50283 / UA 50,283 / SUA 50283
Date:13 Feb 1968
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Community:57 Own, 2 Want
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ABobby GoldsboroHoneyB. RussellBob Montgomery, Bobby GoldsboroDon Tweedy7.4  Rate
BBobby GoldsboroDannyB. GoldsboroJack GoldBill JustisRate


BB March 9, 1968

Columbia Custom matrix numbers:
- A side: ZTSP 140052 (mono stock), ZTS 124787 (stereo promo)
- B side: ZTSP 140053 (mono stock), ZTS 124788 (stereo promo)


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13th Dec 2015

4th Dec 2015
 Tom....without publicly embarrassing two other gentlemen, Aware would rather not be public at this point....(take my word that the date is correct)....John

3rd Dec 2015
 It sounds, then, like Columbia's earliest pressings of this single would have been shipped out on Feb. 20.

3rd Dec 2015
 Who/what is "Aware Record Research Library" and how would they know the correct release date if no one else can get it right?

2nd Dec 2015
 ummm .....errr that's actually a (repeated) typo...from the original CD notes of the Legendary Masters CD ......the actual date for this single and the "Pledge Of Love" LP is Feb 13 (for some reason the 12th and 17 are listed)......the 13th is correct.... (date courtesy of Aware Record Research Library).....according to my source, a lot of dates are wrong/off on this CD.....John

25th Nov 2015
 I don't know how that would be possible, since both February 17 and 24, 1968 fell on a Saturday. I wonder if the release would have been February 27 - a Tuesday. Especially given that even the first-press black labels used 6 point Spartan Heavy Condensed whose first releases with that font were issued on the Columbia and Epic labels on February 20, 1968 - also a Tuesday. (Generally, releases of 45's were scheduled by the labels for Tuesdays and Fridays, with some other weekdays here and there.)

24th Nov 2015
 How was the currently given release date of February 24, 1968 arrived at?

In the liner notes of the EMI Legends Of Rock 'N' Roll Collection - 24 Greatest Hits Of All Time CD, it gives this 45 a release date of February 17, 1968.

28th Oct 2015

28th Oct 2015

4th Feb 2014
 Monarch delta numbers


14th Jun 2013
 Leave the stereo DJ copy here!...when a mono DJ shows up, it can go first...(please)....John

14th Jun 2013
 The stereo promo (images #871599 and 871601) should have its own entry, as a Promo Only 7". Retail stock copies were issued in mono only.

11th Aug 2012
 The first two variants (first-pressing black label {Images #264882 & 264883} and second-pressing magenta / orange label {Images #242117 & 242118}) were from Columbia Records' Pitman, NJ pressing plant; I naturally have the black label. The other plants whose variants are shown are:
- Southern Plastics, Nashville, TN (orange / magenta {Images #313107 & 313108} and black {Image #524994}
- Shelley Products Ltd., Huntington Station, NY {orange / magenta {Image #524990} and black {Images #524992 & 551676})

2nd Oct 2011
 ...added first pressing "black" labels, (commonly found on pink/orange)........John

21st Aug 2011
 Great little record put Bobby on the map real tear jerker not a dry eye anywhere.and was the start of Bobby's let's repeat the song again fade process! :)

Note: Honey in the UK completely missed the very colourful and animated pink and orange labels. Which obviously started in the home territory a year before. the timing was all wrong as the pink and orange label just sum up the colourful late 60's flower power, San Francisco (where Transamerica was infact based) just looks so more of the time and leaving the both the former in the UK and the latter globally standing.

The original UK mono release came with the then new and striking corporate Transamerica blue with silver flash/streak with silly oversize labels covering the anti-slip ridges,. The idea for the UK was for the colour to match Transamerica's Liberty releases already using the same corporate blue and still licenced in the UK to Philips (Phonogram). UA was manufactured distributed and marketed by EMI as they had been since 50's.

Honey's UK re-press and later re-release came with the dull buff and brown UA labels, the only added insentive was that the re-release was in its excellent stereo mix making the UK blue original a "reference" copy

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