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Record Details

Artist:Carl Malcolm
Label:  UK
Catalogue:UK 108
Date:Sep 1975
Chart Position:8
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Community:37 Own, 1 Wants
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ACarl MalcolmFattie Bum-BumC. MalcolmC. Chin9.0  Rate
BSkin, Flesh And BonesBum-Bum SituationC. ChinRate


24th Nov 2014

Mikey Dread
4th Jul 2013
 Carl Malcolm - Fattie Bum Bum.

Juke Jules
21st Mar 2013
 Thanks Harry. Now linked, so if someone could look at it and decide if it was really a German or British release..?

21st Mar 2013
 Juke Jules have added the image like i said unsure if this was an import the only difference is it states being made in germany.

Juke Jules
19th Mar 2013
 New entry please Harry

Charlie Chalk
12th Dec 2012
 Carl Malcolm definitely isn't Carlos Malcolm, but he did release records as Carlton Malcolm.

12th Dec 2012
 could be the same person with the name Carlos Malcolm; first charted in UK in sept. 1975; chart peaks that I know of were #2 in South Africa, #8 in UK and #13 in Rhodesia

25th Jun 2012
 I have a "made in germany" new entry or place in here as import.

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