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Artist:The First Class [UK]
Label:  UK
Catalogue:UK R 66
Date:3 May 1974
Chart Position:13
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:62 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe First Class [UK]Beach BabyCarter, ShakespeareJohn Carter8.9  Rate
BThe First Class [UK]Both Sides Of The StoryCarter, ShakespeareJohn Carter6.7  Rate


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16th Dec 2015
 "The dress I ruined with the soda pop" might be a reference to the Beach Boys' "All Summer Long". (I know, a dress is not a blouse. They're both women's clothing, so it's close enough for government work.)

1st Nov 2015
 Was the edited version ever released in the UK as heard on this video?

the whistler
1st Nov 2015
 Added (slightly tatty) demo showing running time as per M. Dread

5th Sep 2015
 Yes and a jolly good song it is, too! Almost as good as T&T IMHO! :thumbsup:

Reginald Fodstain
5th Sep 2015
 Interestingly, "Graduation Day," as mentioned in the lyrics here, is the B-side to "Tossing And Turning" by the Ivy League. John Carter was in the Ivy League, and wrote both songs, so make of that what you will!

Mikey Dread
3rd Oct 2014
 The demo has a running time of 5:33 on Beach Baby.

Tony Burrows was offered the lead vocal on Beach Baby by John Carter who of course wrote and produced Let's Go To San Francisco, as, TheJudge and BEATLEJOHN mentioned in previous comments.

5th Jul 2014
 There was a cover version of the A-side recorded by the Baha Men

Not a bad version.

5th Jul 2014
 'Touring Group' "Version", see the UK can export pop to europe.

Short version, well mimed I guess for this performance.(I understand there was 3.08 radio edit produced)

I cannot find a TOTP performance, wasn't part of 1974 another of those BBC camermen strikes with no broadcasts going out, might explain the relatively low chart position, with no proper musicians to promote and put on the covers of the teen-girl comics(due to writers and Burrows etc other commitments) the record had to stand on its own throw every BB cliche at the wall musical merits, great for playing in the car while the radio is on.

5th Jul 2014
 No, the LP version has some at the start as well, as can be heard on this YT vid.

5th Jul 2014
 Banter at the beginning? Don't you mean at the end?

5th Jul 2014
 Yes, the radio fx are at the end of the stock single (the YT vid below fades out before that).

5th Jul 2014
 I can't remember, does it have the "Pipeline" radio banter at the end?

5th Jul 2014
 It is in stereo indeed, playing the shortened 5.00 mix which omits the radio banter at the beginning.

5th Jul 2014
 RD, this issue should be stereo as it has the ZXDR prefix on the master/matrix number, that means stereo I think. Also, by 1974, I would suggest that all newly recorded songs would be issued in stereo format in UK.

As for the length, I've not played the single in many a year, but it has the "Beach Boys" type harmony fade out at the end, but the 5:08 length of the video clip shown does seem rather long for playing on air.......I remember hearing the probably edited single version of the song repeatedly on the UK radio shows of the day (1974), which probably accounts for its #13 highest in UK chart placing.

4th Jul 2014
 Is this A-side the edited or full-length version? And is it stereo?

Reginald Fodstain
4th Jul 2014
 And also re the UK, your average Brit wouldn't have a clue about half of the references. I can't say I've ever ruined a dress with a soda pop!

4th Jul 2014
 ZebedyZak, I think I know why this hit so big in the US. Capitol released the double LP hits collection "Endless Summer" in June 1974, which hit #1 on the Billboard album chart and was RIAA certified triple platinum (3,000,000 in sales). Then "Beach Baby" comes along at just the right time, sounding rather a lot like the classic Beach Boys and riding that wave of nostalgia all the way to #4 on the Hot 100.

7th Nov 2012
 Another one that Is not on CD In this Format. EG It Is always longer on CD. H.

23rd Aug 2011
 I used to really like this record, made me sing along with it but to be honest it gets somewhat boring after a while. There are so many classic pop songs but I would not define this one in that category at all.

18th Jul 2011
 There used to be a nice TV series here in Holland called "Single Luck": each week would be about a different 'one hit wonder'. They did one on "Beach Baby". As far as I remember, they knocked up the backing track in the morning, went to the pub for lunch, then whacked on the vocals in the afternoon (much of it done by the force of nature that was Tony Burrows). It was a whirlwind. Amazing skill.

17th Jul 2011
 This British Beach Boys clone, complete with "All-American" lyrics and imitation Californian accents, surprisingly went further up the US charts than it did in the UK. I didn't think it would have impressed the Americans that much, I thought they'd have simply dismissed it as a Beach Boys rip-off.

Nevertheless, I agree with JPGR&B, it is a classic pop song and I never tire of hearing it either.

28th Aug 2010
 And if you listen to the track as it fades out, you'll hear the brass playing the seven-note melody of "Let's Go To San Francisco"!

12th Aug 2010
 This was the UK label's only bonafide hit in the States (no. 2 or no. 4 ....Billboard and Cashbox)....this song was also always a favorite of mine, since it nicked the "Beach Boys Vibe" to the nth degree. A sidenote: When I fist heard this, I felt it had a "Let's Go To San Francisco" "vibe" to it, imagine my surprise when I check the label and find John Carter's name!

2nd Jul 2010
 The opening fanfare from Since Yesterday came from Sibelius' Symphony No.5 and also featured on Beach Baby.

Rotatey Diskers
2nd Jul 2010
 Because it's nicked from a bit of classical music - I forget what!

My Friend Jack
26th Jun 2010
 I completely agree - always takes me back to O-levels, 1974. Take a listen to Strawberry Switchblade's "Since Yesterday" and wonder why Carter / Shakespeare don't get a writers' credit for the into!

25th Jun 2010
 Beach Baby - a guilty pleasure of mine. Just an absolute classic pop song. I never tire of hearing it.


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