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Artist:Max Romeo
Label:  Unity
Catalogue:UN 503
Chart Position:10
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:53 Own, 1 Wants
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AMax RomeoWet DreamM. RomeoH. Robinson8.2  Rate
BMax RomeoShe's But A Little GirlM. RomeoJ. Smith6.5  Rate


Number: 50546  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: A Side

Number: 50547 
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: B Side

Number: 9987 
Uploaded By: Col Wolfe
Description: A (Dinked Tri-Prong)

Number: 9988 
Uploaded By: Col Wolfe
Description: B (Dinked Tri-Prong)

Number: 532296 
Uploaded By: nanocyar
Description: A three prong centre

Number: 532297 
Uploaded By: nanocyar
Description: B three prong centre

Number: 1308401 
Uploaded By: Charlie Chalk
Description: A Side Label

22nd Feb 2015
 I Have heard this on SOTS. Two or three times now. Pretty Lame to what is out there now. Still a great record. H.

22nd Feb 2015
 sheepdip1234 sounds like your Mum's approach to censorship had a bit more success in getting this out of circulation in your house than the BBC Radio Ban did anywhere else

22nd Feb 2015
 I used to play my brothers record of this when I was 10 (not knowing what I know now). My Mom threw it in the fire and that was it until I bought it again some 6 years later.

23rd May 2014

3rd Sep 2011

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