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Record Details

Artist:Love Unlimited
Label:  Uni
Catalogue:UN 539
Date:Jun 1972
Chart Position:14
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Community:44 Own
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ALove UnlimitedWalkin' In The Rain With The One I LoveWhiteBarry WhiteBarry White, Gene Page9.0  Rate
BLove UnlimitedI Should Have KnownWhite, RelfBarry WhiteBarry White, Gene Page6.0  Rate


A release date of 12 May 1972 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 424


12th Jun 2012

24th May 2011
 I'll high five you on that one groovemaster.dj. Interesting to note though that even in the US 20th century were still pumping out Mono mixes of White's material on their promo copies (see my entry for LU's Share a little love in your heart, which is in the latest additions pane right now!) as late as 1974!!


24th May 2011
 Perhaps one of UK Decca's biggest gaffs since the distortion passed master tape of The Moody Blues "Go Now"
why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why was this outstanding and introducton To Barry White/Soul Unlimited UK pressing masterd and cut in and mastered in...........pointless MONO !!!!!
The USA pressing came out in STEREO.
The Decca pointless mono nonsence continued with the follow up single:
However when EMI acquired the UK licence for MCA (UNI had been disolved back under the USA MCA banner) EMI finally righted this pointless gaff and put both the UK re-released singles out in STEREOPHONIC sound. if you want the above mix just press mono on your hi-fi amp!!
(To further cloud thie issue UK Decca had put out two stereo UNI singles prior
Woodstock and Sweet Caroline!!)
Go figure and kick the cutting engineer!!!!!!!!!!

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