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Artist:The Easybeats
Label:  United Artists
Catalogue:UP 1157
Date:14 Oct 1966
Chart Position:6
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Community:93 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe EasybeatsFriday On My MindYoung, VandaShel Talmy9.3  Rate
BThe EasybeatsMade My Bed ; Gonna Lie In ItYoungShel Talmy7.5  Rate


2nd Nov 2014
 Thanks Felonious!...never noticed it before, it was this being an Australian group that sparked my query ....John

1st Nov 2014
 Could they not be bothered to change the wording?

1st Nov 2014
 If you have a spare hour to waste you might find that every United Artists label we have (up until 1968) says A USA Recording. It was part of the template.

31st Oct 2014
 Why does it say a USA recording?, were the tapes leased through UA of the United States?....John

5th Dec 2011
 We're semi-colon mad here in Australia; Easybeats are legends here, as are half-Australian band AC/DC. We're acronym mad, too.

carey jeggs
5th Dec 2011
 B-side is the only song I've ever come across with a semi-colon in the title.

davie gordon
5th Dec 2011
 The Young brothers in AC-DC, Angus and Malcolm, are the brothers of
George Young of the Easybeats - they had nothing to do with "Friday On
My Mind" - Angus was 7 when this was recorded., Malcolm was 13.

30th Dec 2010
 Young bros from AC-DC - older brother wrote these!

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