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Artist:Don McLean
Label:  United Artists
Catalogue:UP 35359
Date:24 Mar 1972
Chart Position:1
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Community:99 Own, 3 Want
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ADon McLeanVincentDon McLeanEd Freeman9.3  Rate
BDon McLeanCastles In The AirDon McLeanJerry Corbitt7.3  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 417
A release date of 5 May 1972 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 423

Picture sleeve.


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15th Jul 2016

11th Jul 2016
The Liberty label copy needs its own entry as it is on a different label.
If you create the entry we can move the images (which are hidden for now) there.
More preferable would be if you can add images of the labels only.

2nd Jun 2016

Tony Moss
2nd Jun 2016
 Got bored with American Pie, but you never tire of Vincent.

18th Jan 2016
 9100 and COL 6031 both reissued "Vincent" with the full version of "American Pie".

18th Jan 2016
 What a beautiful song this one is! Can you imagine a song as poignant, well-thought out and musicianly as this one topping the charts in this day and age? I can't.

I was only 10 when this first came out, and even at that young age I could happily listen to it on the radio and not be bored. I still hear it on the radio from time to time, one of the DJs makes no secret of the fact that he loves the song and I don't blame him one bit.

Mikey Dread
24th Nov 2014

21st Nov 2013
 There also exists a UK version of this single, circa 1976, but on Liberty label, UP 35359, shown here.

A very popular release, that would just not lie down.......

21st Nov 2013
 Pink/orange label images moved to new Irish entry.

21st Nov 2013
 A nice find - I could not even guess how many were pressed, but as the follow up release to "American Pie" in Ireland, UP 35325, maybe they took a punt.

As a point of interest, please note that the UK copies use the descriptive Side 1, Side 2, whilst Ireland does not include a side description, but lists the matrices, folllowed by A and B .
The Irish copy which was shown here, has now moved to its own entry at UP.35359, shows the matrix/master numbers as 45 UP.35359-A, 45 UP.35359-B, whilst the UK pressings do not include the matrices.
Later copies of UA singles did, so when a later pressing of this release shows up, it should include something like UP 35359 A,UP 35359 B, in addition to the standard catalogue number.

To illustrate here is a later pressing, a "repress" of UP 35359, circa 1974, as the release was a strong catalogue back seller, for quite a while.

21st Nov 2013
 thanks bigtom and YD, have catted it under Ireland.

21st Nov 2013
 YD yes indeed it is 100 % Irish.

20th Nov 2013
 UA pink/orange label.......looks suspiciously like an Irish issue to me.

No sign of "The Rainbow Collection" watermark on it, and why the different fonts used.
Plus the same 'scabby' centres often seen on Irish issues.

Using the old stock of UA labels from way back and hoped that no one would notice.....it also matches this other Irish Issue by Don McLean.

Don's Irish discography is a bit a a dead giveaway.

20th Nov 2013
  UA pink/orange label

18th Oct 2013

I suppose you've seen this page before

No! I had not seen that site! You have cost me a coupla months' surfing! WOWOWOW! ;-)

18th Oct 2013
 Thanks Keith - not seen that before! What a great site! As you say, that pressing is the same as the 'unknown' one. Though I have a theory that it might possibly have been a company like Lyntone. It's a real long shot though . . .

18th Oct 2013
 I suppose you've seen this page before

The "unknown" one

18th Oct 2013
 KeithS - I have found one other pressing on here that looks the same - and bizarrely it's one I added myself - it's this pressing of Jeepster
I added it as a very strange pressing example on the Fly label. I have never seen anything else like it until today. No idea what plant contracted to do it though.

18th Oct 2013
 Def not Decca Keith. I'm something of a Decca pressing purist and can usually sniff one of theirs out from 100 yds. The vinyl has a rounded edge on its outer rim that is certainly not a Decca trait. It does remind me of something else that I have seen on here - I'm doing a trawl at the moment to try and find it.

18th Oct 2013
 Looks like Decca

18th Oct 2013
 One for the pressing purists here. I have just added scans of a 4 prong dinked type that I have not personally seen before, and certainly not seen on any other UA release. Can anyone identify the pressing plant for this? I did wonder if it was a Pye pressing - but there's no tell tale purple/red vinyl used here - it's jet black and not see through. The ridges are of a type I haven't seen before either. It's deffo a UK pressing though. I'm pretty certain of that. Anyone?

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