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Artist:Dr. Feelgood
Label:  United Artists
Catalogue:UP 35760
Date:22 Nov 1974
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Community:22 Own, 2 Want
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ADr. FeelgoodRoxetteWilko JohnsonVic Maile8.3  Rate
BDr. Feelgood(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (Live)Bobby TroupVic Maile8.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 552


Mikey Dread
30th Mar 2014
 (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (Live)

Mikey Dread
21st Mar 2013
 Demo labels and telegram added. I acquired these goodies off the social secretary of the students union at Alnwick College. Demo given to him by Paul Conroy. It's a memento i wouldn't of given up easily.

10th Jan 2013
 Ah that's sad. He wasn't with the Feelgoods when I saw them at Uni but I did see him solo a few years later. Good luck to the man!!!

9th Jan 2013
 That's real depressing news. :(

9th Jan 2013
 You and me both pj.

mickey rat
9th Jan 2013
 A wonderful character - one of the more interesting Brit musicians of his time. Spotted him recently as an actor in the Game Of Thrones TV series.

Dr Doom
9th Jan 2013
 Terribly sad news.

Total respect for him going ahead with those shows.

Live each day.

9th Jan 2013
 I'm welling up, Deltics. I'm serious. S**t.

9th Jan 2013


I am very sad to announce that Wilko has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the pancreas. He has chosen not to receive any chemotherapy.

He is currently in good spirits, is not yet suffering any physical effects and can expect to enjoy at least another few months of reasonable health and activity.

He has just set off on a trip to Japan; on his return we plan to complete a new CD, make a short tour of France, then give a series of farewell gigs in the UK. There is also a live DVD in the pipeline, filmed on the last UK tour.

Wilko wishes to offer his sincere thanks for all the support he has had over his long career, from those who have worked with him to, above all, those devoted fans and admirers who have attended
his live gigs, bought his recordings and generally made his life such an extraordinarily full and eventful experience.

Thank you.

Robert Hoy


5th May 2011
Not the 45 version but the one performed on the "Whistle Test".

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