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Artist:Peter Sarstedt
Label:  United Artists
Catalogue:UP 36059
Date:30 Jan 1976
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Community:2 Own, 1 Wants
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APeter SarstedtI Am A CathedralPeter SarstedtRay SingerIan GreenRate
BPeter SarstedtBlaggedPeter SarstedtRay SingerIan GreenRate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 608.


15th Apr 2016
 My definition of an EP is one with two tracks on each side, while a maxi-single has one track on one side and two on the other.

1st Jan 2015
 there was indeed a separate ep chart - pretty briefly. the rest of the time, eps were incorporated in the singles charts - if they sold well enough: and the vast majority did not - which is why, when they got reinvented late sixties/early seventies, they got rechristened "maxi-singles", and had only the one track on their a-sides.

1st Jan 2015
 I have that Beach Boys single at home somewhere. At about one and a half minutes, "Wake The World" is quite long compared with this short version of "Blagged". Procol Harum's "Good Captain Clack" (B-side of "Homburg") is also about one and a half minutes.

In the 1960s we had separate charts for EPs, which was why they were not in the singles charts. Since then a few EPs have charted, long after the height of that format's popularity.

1st Jan 2015
 zebedyzak: strange? and its object were to provide us with the maximum possible length of music on a 7" 45rpm disc - all singles would be eps. this might just possibly reduce the impact of what was intended to be the push (or plug, or play) track. 's also why many merkin singles were c. 2 minutes to 2.30 a-sides, for radio dj appeal, with brief, throw-away, often more-or-less anonymous instrumental b-side tracks, effectively forcing djs to play the intended a-side (see many - most? - all? philles singles through "river deep - mountain high" for examples). (and some ultra-shorties are actually good - see (or rather, listen to) the beach boys' b-side,wake the world, inter alia - whilst keeping the single un-flippable by djs.)

(n.b. even at the height of the ep's popularity, very few of them charted.)

1st Jan 2015
 B-side of this issue is less than one minute long? That was hardly worth bothering with, was it? Since the A-side is less than three minutes, both tracks could have been placed on one side totalling 3:47 (not too long for a 45), and something else could have been placed on the other side. What a strange release!

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