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Record Details

Artist:The Stranglers
Label:  United Artists
Catalogue:UP 36248
Date:6 May 1977
Chart Position:8
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Community:138 Own, 5 Want
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AThe StranglersPeachesThe StranglersMartin Rushent8.2  Rate
BThe StranglersGo Buddy GoThe StranglersMartin Rushent7.2  Rate


A release date of 13 May 1977 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 673
A release date of 20 Apr 1979 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 770

Double A-side.


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7th May 2016
 Here's the airplay version from the pictured promo single

Tony Moss
6th May 2016
 When you hear the radio-friendly version, it just doesn't sound as 'punk', lol.

Deepinder Cheema
11th Apr 2016
 The later images used for the card sleeve seems to be by the appropriately named James Wedge. His photographs including one of the series is on page 34 The Image No 8 from 1972.

23rd Feb 2016
 Well, they selected an appropriate song for this ad (You can barely hear the words though).

Mikey Dread
4th Jan 2016
 I presume the dirty fingernails on the 'Peach' sleeve were intentional?

Shame about the washed out colours on the 'Peach' PS scans.

29th Sep 2014
 In my experience the majority of UK 45s of that era were sold in either company sleeves, or plain white ones, flip back, meaning a foldover glued on the back. At least that was what I managed to get hold of then mostly, both on import in Germany, and on frequent visits to London. I think only a couple of 1000s of picture sleeves were printed, and when those ran out generic sleeves were used.
The "JONZ" part is mastering/cutting engineer John Dent's personal signature.

28th Sep 2014
 I have a copy of this with the pop out centre image (same as image # 1039841) which came in a white paper sleeve? is this correct? or should it have a "peaches" cover? How can one differentiate a 1977 press from a 1980 re-issue?

It also has the name "jonz" scratched in the matrix area? any idea what that is about?


also if it DID come in a white paper sleeve, would it be with the seams on the inside or outside? (when i got it it was in a box of 45s which were all mixed up in covers and there was a white cover in both styles, and I am trying to marry up its (possibly) original cover

3rd Mar 2013
 According to an old Strangled magazine article from the '80s, they went into the furnace. The burning was apparently strictly supervised - but the worker quoted still managed, so he said, to smuggle three copies away...

a p mac
3rd Mar 2013
 blackmail sleeve
i wonder what happened to the ones that were destroyed
maybe they burnt them
then again they might have crushed them

Problem Child
15th Feb 2013
 UA advert from Music Week - 7th May '77. A bit of overlap there, but... I didn't fancy splitting Dave's head in half! Just looking through my notes made at the time and I have 'Peaches' as being re-released on 23rd March '79, which is when the 'new' sleeve came into being. All their singles were re-released in May '79, which may explain some minor variations to labels and sleeve openings.

18th Oct 2012
 I think the 'Peach' sleeve was designed by John Pasche (who designed all the stranglers album and single sleeves in 1979). I think he was asked to design another sleeve because 'Peaches' re-entered the singles chart in 1979.

19th Aug 2012

9th Jul 2012
 The 1985 Music Master gives a release date of April 1979; this was presumably when it was reissued with the 'peach' sleeve.

a p mac
18th Jun 2012
 £150 for a bootleg
oops ! sorry special collectors edition
also available in black vinyl
usually appear on ebay uk seller listing in australian dollars
as far as i'm aware all the bootlegs have a solid centre

18th Jun 2012
 Just found the "blackmail" sleeve on Musicstack, as it's described, with a clear vinyl single though the catalogue number on the label is FREE4. Unfortunately the seller has strategically placed the label over the corener of the sleeve where the catalogue number is so I can't compare it. I can say it'll set you back £150!

3rd Mar 2011
 The radio-play version appears on the 1988 EMI "Liberty" compilation album "Rarities". The single was also re-issued at a later date on the "Liberty" label.

1st Oct 2010
 The 'peach' sleeve illustrated is a later issue - from 1980, so I've read. The original sleeve had the same band photo on both sides with the song titles in 'punk rock' cut-out letters; the band were appalled and ordered its withdrawal before the single reached the shops (though, as always in these cases, a few leaked out and are now very expensive collectors' items).

MonkeyHanger - the version you mention was issued on a promo 45 with the catalogue number FREE 4, and is itself worth a few bob.

No, I don't have copies of either. I wish!

17th Nov 2009
 Heres another 45 changed for the Beeb.

Lyrics altered were "Oh No.." instead of "Oh Sh*t"

The word "Clitoris" was replaced with "Bikini"..and "Bummer" with "Summer".


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