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Label:  United Artists
Catalogue:UP 36316
Date:4 Nov 1977
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:109 Own, 5 Want
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ABuzzcocksOrgasm AddictPete Shelley, Howard DevotoM. Rushent8.5  Rate
BBuzzcocksWhatever Happened To?Pete Shelley, Alan DialM. Rushent7.2  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 698
Demos state 28-10-77 but the release was a week later.
Alan Dial was an alias for Richard Boon, the band's manager.


My Friend Jack
4th Aug 2015
 One week on the Breakers list on 26 Nov 1977, peaking prematurely in 6th place.

19th Dec 2013
 The push-out centre copies look like the initial EMI ones, so I'm assuming the solid centre copies were later outsourced contract pressings.

You're probably right, DIYC90, as the demo also comes with push-outs.

18th Mar 2012
 Matrix numbers/messages (push-out centre)

A-side: UP 36316 A-4 Nick W
B-side: UP 36316 B-4

21st Aug 2011
 Good point, Deltics - I've heard the story in relation to both records. However, every copy of UP 36348 that I have come across has been an EMI copy. If anybody out there has a variation from another plant, I'd be interested to see it :-)

20th Aug 2011
 Too much information, harbottle!

20th Aug 2011
 I thought it was What Do I Get?/Oh Shit UP 36348 that the pressing plant people refused to handle because of the title of the B side.

20th Aug 2011
 Given the title of the A side and at a track length of 1.58, it outlasts me by about 1:57 lol

20th Aug 2011
 If I remember correctly, staff at the EMI pressing plant refused to press the record. The push-out centre copies look like the initial EMI ones, so I'm assuming the solid centre copies were later outsourced contract pressings.

9th Aug 2011

11th Mar 2011
 Both push-out and solid centre versions issued denoting subsequent pressings, though which came first? Presumably the push-out version.

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