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Artist:Electric Light Orchestra
Label:  Jet
Catalogue:UP 36342
Date:13 Jan 1978
Chart Position:6
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Community:144 Own
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AElectric Light OrchestraMr. Blue SkyJeff LynneJeff LynneJeff Lynne9.1  Rate
BElectric Light OrchestraOne Summer DreamJeff LynneJeff LynneJeff Lynne, Richard Tandy, Louis Clark8.0  Rate


Blue or black vinyl.

Matrix / Runout (Label A): UP 36342A
Matrix / Runout (Label B): UP 36342B
Matrix / Runout (run-out groove A): ALLEN UP 36342-A1
Matrix / Runout (run-out groove B): ALLEN UP 36342-B1


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16th Apr 2015
 It strikes me that this single really could have been a double 'A' side, so good is the 'B' side. Curiously, 'One Summer Dream' was left in the locker when it came to releasing singles off the 'Face the Music' album. I bet record buyers couldn't believe their ears when they flipped the record over and realised that they'd bought two sides of classic ELO. I believe its one of Jeff's favourite ELO songs too.

25th Oct 2014
 The 3:44 single version can be heard at the USA promo single linked below.

25th Oct 2014
 No, it was 4:55 (approx. - my timing might be out due to my turntable being a touch fast when I noted it).

25th Oct 2014
 Does anybody know if the UK 45 version of Mr. Blue Sky ran 3:44?

5th Oct 2012
 My Long Wave hasn't arrived yet but I've got Analog Man and its very good. I think you'll like it harbottle.

5th Oct 2012
 I meant to say that actually, longest track is Track 11,a bonus track, at 2:54, Beyond The Sea, well that is what the PC says lol

It is an array of tracks that I would never have put on a CD together if I was "burning" one off for the car.

Ranging from the Charles Aznavour "She" to The Everly Brothers " So Sad" and then to Roy Orbison's "Running Scared"

First listen I like it, it is distinctly Jeff Lynne, the kind of sound you have heard time and time again with Tom Petty, The Wilbury's and the Big "O".
I will have to listen a few times to form a personal opinion though as this album as been so long awaited after Armchair Theatre".

I can't put my finger on what it is but you now it is a Jeff Lynne sound.

I must go and get the new Joe Walsh album "Analog Man" produced by JL

Analog Man & Long Wave, very old school and traditional, I like it

I have edited this as I am bit puzzled as to how my copy has turned up as it is not being released until the 8th October according to HMV.com

My Friend Jack
5th Oct 2012
 Harbottle, I'd be interested to know what you think of Long Wave, It did strike me that the running time was short - even by 70s standards - less than 30 minutes!

5th Oct 2012
 Well my copy of Long Wave arrived today, looks like Zoom and Armchair Theatre are being reissued soon.

I have the both on original issues, doubt they will be worth owt though much the same as the original CD issues of ELO post 1974 stuff on Jet rather than the reissues on EPIC.

Enjoyed the programme on BBC 4 tonight very much

25th Sep 2012
 A further extract from a Jeff Lynne interview with Music Week published 21 Sep 12, with acknowledgement to Music Week and used for educational purposes.

On the sound of the re-recordings against the originals:

JL: I just wanted to keep them the same but make them better, virtually the same arrangement, but give them some more punch and make them tighter really and get a better piano sound, better guitar sound. I had time to work on them because in the old days I would have to go to the studio for six weeks, finish an album and then go back on tour and promote it so now I've got much more time to actually spend making it better and that's what I've been doing.

25th Sep 2012
 Some extracts from a Jeff Lynne interview with Music Week published 21 Sep 12, with acknowledgement to Music Week and used for educational purposes.

On re-recording many of ELO's biggest hits:

JL: It was great [to go back and revisit songs recorded 30 - 40 years ago] because I knew exactly where I had to go and what I had to do to make them better than they were. That was the good thing about it because I had a roadmap with all those old records of what I wanted to improve because I had listened to them occasionally or on the radio or whatever and I started to think, "These don't sound as good as I thought they did so let's just do one and see if I can do it any better than I could then."

So I tried Mr Blue Sky just as an experiment really to just see if I could get it better and I got it much better, I think. That's how it went from there. Then I tried Evil Woman and Strange Magic. It was a lot of fun to recreate them because I can get them so much tighter now. I know so much more about production, 25 years more - or 35 years in the case of Mr Blue Sky - because I've been producing records ever since so I'm a bit more qualified than I was then.

21st Sep 2012
 I knew it was a different version lol, when you have heard the original so many times you do notice even the slightest difference just like the original vinyl single of 6059 206 that never appears on the many greatest hits compilations.

Thank you for sharing this. The new album is all cover versions. I ordered mine on Play a few weeks back, it didn't say re-recordings at the time. I was hoping for some new material tbh.

BTW, HMV have the new album on vinyl for £16.00

21st Sep 2012
 Harbottle, it transpires the version used at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics was Jeff Lynne’s solo version, from the fortcoming new album Mr. Blue Sky.

Other News:

BBC TV will apparently air a 2 hour documentary about Jeff Lynne on 5 October 2012. It will cover the history and the legacy of the musician and the influence that he had in pop and rock music over the last 40 years. The Beatles’ surviving members, plus George Harrison's and Roy Orbison's widows will appear, plus Joe Walsh, Tom Petty and many others. The new Jeff Lynne releases will be covered in full and the documentary will also include a video clip of the single "Mercy Mercy" from the new album "Long Wave". Funny, I thought the new single was “At Last”.

3rd Sep 2012
 Not that strange, S-R-W - presumably cut at CBS.

3rd Sep 2012
 Dead wax : Both sides "Allen", although side A also says (for some strange reason) "C.B.S.".

13th Aug 2012
 Once again, the ending was chopped off!

12th Aug 2012
 Could be the acoustics, or the tipple!

Look out for some additions from me to the Jet Records database coming soon. And October sees the release of Jeff Lyne's first solo album in 20 years - Long Wave. Plus his rerecording of ELO hits - Mr Blue Sky - see here.

12th Aug 2012
 It sounded to me like they had got hold of a demo version. The phrasing seemed different in parts.

Then again, I have had a little tipple, or maybe it was the acoustics of the stadium.

12th Aug 2012
 Mr Blue Sky featuring tonight in the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

5th Jun 2011
 Harbottle, great to see the demo version. I think I need to review my collection too to see if I have any other variations!

5th Jun 2011
 JPGR&B, I had no idea I had a demo of this. I was just looking through my collection to see if I had any JET, S JET, full stop or brackets variations when I came across this.

I have got 4 copies of the blue and 1 black of the UK issue. I must have been mad when I was younger.

25th May 2011
 I feel in an ELO/Jeff Lynne mode tonight so watch out!

Here is a Jeff Lynne solo version of Mr Blue Sky that features in a March 2011 advertisement for the BMW 6 series coupé and convertible. I believe the song was originally re-recorded for an advert for the Volkswagen New Beetle in 2002.


22nd May 2011
 A classic (of course to my ears!).


Oakley Boys
21st Jan 2011
 My kids had to suffer my music and how to handle records in their formative years. However now they both understand why. My son ( he's now 35) has a fantastic collection of Spiritualized and associated spin-offs along with loads of Indie stuff from the 90's onwards whilst I have helped my daughter ( 31) collect Madonna ( but she kinda leaves that to me -- and I don't like Madonna!).

21st Jan 2011
 I play this song over the p.a. before every Hartlepool United game, last song before the teams come out to Led Zep's "Kashmir"!!!

21st Jan 2011

Lily Allen recently covered 'Mr. Blue Sky', and it's getting a lot of airplay here in the States, (it's not listed, so I'm commenting through ELO).
I recently stepped into one of my kids rooms and both my kids were in there listening to this (one's 13, the other 17)..so I started singing (badly) along with it, my son (the 13 year old) had a look of horror on his face and said "Oh Jeez, another song we can't like, 'cause he knows it!", to which my daughter replied.."You think you have it bad, the reason why I know all the Beatles songs is because when I was small, he played them so much, I thought they were a current group at the time"........HEE, HEE, HEE! (I love it!!!).......BEATLEJOHN!

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