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Artist:Gerry Rafferty
Label:  United Artists
Catalogue:UP 36346
Date:3 Feb 1978
Chart Position:3
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Community:102 Own, 1 Wants
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AGerry RaffertyBaker StreetGerry RaffertyHugh Murphy, Gerry Rafferty8.8  Rate
BGerry RaffertyBig Change In The WeatherGerry RaffertyHugh Murphy, Gerry Rafferty8.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 709


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Magic Marmalade
2nd Dec 2014
 I can confidently say now that this original Vinyl SINGLE version of the song is the definitive version.

Newer re-masters have diluted it out into some kind of floaty "magical" track, whereas this sounds snappy (due to the quick tempo bongos played throughout), immediate, and even sleazy due to the vocal right in the mic, and all instruments right in your ear.

... Even the original album version is different, quick tempo, but "hurried" sounding, and I could almost swear it has different vocal track altogether.

This is the one to get.

21st Oct 2014
 Sad to hear Raphael R I P one of my favourite songs of the 70s.

21st Oct 2014
 RIP Raphael Ravenscroft

Magic Marmalade
2nd Jul 2014
 The greatest song ever made.

15th Apr 2013
 Just noticed that the solid centre scans of this record have a much longer edge text than any of the push-outs. Weird.

4th Jan 2013
 with that incredibly strong hook of a sax line played by raphael ravenscroft, as written by gerry rafferty. superb track.

26th Feb 2012

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