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Record Details

Artist:Jack Scott
Label:  Carlton
Date:Nov 1958
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Community:56 Own, 2 Want
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AJack ScottSave My SoulJ. Scott9.0  Rate
BJack ScottGoodbye BabyJ. Scott9.0  Rate


BB Nov 17, 1958 (ad)

a) CRC 308
b) CRC 310
With The Chantones Vocal Group

Monarch (Goodbye Baby) Δ25648 / (Save My Soul) Δ25647


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20th Jul 2016
 When you hover over Image 1900594, it states that both sides of the sleeve show Goodbye Baby first. Not to mention two different uploaders. So there was no intention for those two images to represent one sleeve.

20th Jul 2016
 As a result of my lengthy searches and research, I believe that graphics 591653/1900594 do not represent an existing example of a picture sleeve that was ever issued by Carlton in connection with this release from Jack Scott. All full sets I've run across either list "Goodbye Baby" or "Save My Soul" first on both sides of the sleeve. I have never come across an example that reverses the title sequence from one side to the other.

It is important that if both sides aren't immediately available it is wise to withhold posting a single example until such time as its verified mate is found for the sake of historical accuracy. Many folks just aren't familiar with the original and correct issues and constantly guess at what is authentic, thereby misleading any researcher looking for accurate information.

8th Dec 2015
 Produced by Joe Carlton

2nd Apr 2015

2nd Apr 2015

17th Oct 2012
 sleeve added

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