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Artist:Big "T" Tyler
Label:  Vogue
Catalogue:V 9079
Date:Aug 1957
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Community:3 Own, 5 Want
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ABig "T" TylerKing KongChris Tyler9.5  Rate
BBig "T" TylerSadie GreenChris Tyler8.5  Rate


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vintage pete
23rd Jun 2015
 The reason Big T Tyler Vogue turns up quite regularly was that it was featured on 'Cool For Cats'
on release in 1957

30th Jul 2012
 A side label with centre scan added

mickey rat
16th Mar 2012
 Vogue used to fascinate me as a teen. I used to get those little yellow new release booklets in the late '50s and the Vogue singles all looked to be by interesting artists but none of the shops on my patch (Dartford to Woolwich) stocked them. Sometimes when I went on an expedition to Brixton or up to Soho I'd see them in shops but never got to hear most of them at the time. An older kid at school (my R&B mentor) gave me his copy of Shirley & Lee's "Let The Good Times Roll" and I just loved it. I eventually bought a Thurston Harris, a Gene & Eunice, and later The Olympics and Bobby Bland but most remained a mystery. However quite a few of those Aladdin pop records proved to be disappointing when I finally heard them in later years. Big T Tyler proved to be a goodie tho.

16th Mar 2012

16th Mar 2012
 How did this get issued in the UK? Wish I'd known about it at the time.

16th Mar 2012

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