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Artist:Davie Jones with The King Bees
Label:  Vocalion
Catalogue:V 9221
Date:5 Jun 1964
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Community:6 Own, 8 Want
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ADavie Jones with The King BeesLiza JaneConnLeslie Conn8.3  Rate
BDavie Jones with The King BeesLouie, Louie Go HomeRevereLeslie Conn6.7  Rate


Producer Leslie Conn is credited with writing the A-side, although it was based on a gospel tune with input from the King Bees. Conn was managing the group at the time.

a) CPDR 33318
b) CPDR 33317
Although the label only credits Paul Revere as songwriter on the B-side, the correct credit should also include Mark Lindsay. Both are from Paul Revere and the Raiders, who first recorded the song.

Recorded at Decca's West Hampstead Studios.
Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 27.


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19th Jul 2015
 It was a great copy - sorry to see it go, however at least can enjoy audio of both sides and view both labels from the video. Not quite the same though!


16th Jul 2015
 Oh, I know about the dodgy practice of putting a snide bootleg in a company sleeve, there's loads of them on ebay most days. This one though was a bona-fide original with a four prong centre clearly seen in the photos. This is the little beauty here! :



15th Jul 2015
 James I would be very careful looking at a records that are photographed in a company sleeve on ebay, in some cases on popsike I see the vocalion sleeve neatly covers up the over sized label of the repro - making it look kosher.

I see the geniune one now - only 2 hours to go!

15th Jul 2015
 Back to crate-digging in charity shops with you!

15th Jul 2015
 There is a genuine original on there at the moment. I am watching it but it's just sailed past the £1000 mark. This one may be on my wants list for quite a while I think!!

13th Jul 2015
 Sharrar I can only see bootlegs & reissues (at silly prices?!) on ebay at the moment.. Looks like somebody was suckered with a boot for near £250. A noc original recently only got to £520..

14th Nov 2014
 Just dropped through the Door. A Bowie Pack. According to the date should have had this a Week ago. Oh Well. It Is A Double LP In Gatefold Sleeve. A 10" Single on Parlophone With a Track called "Sue (Or In A Season of Crime)". And a Three Disc CD Set In a Fold out Case. It Has all the Single Versions of All His Singles for the First Time and Rare Tracks like Lisa Jane, Debut on CD. A Nice Package. H.

Tony P
21st Mar 2014
 The record sold on ebay for £2151

20th Mar 2014
 beatlejohn: possibly because "david bowie" is the pseudonym ?
(but more likely, just "hysterical^W historical accident". the david bowie listing incorporates the davie jones & davy jones singles, as well as the manish boys', but davie jones' & the manish boys' listings don't refer to david bowie (or davy jones), and davy jones' listing only includes the manish boys, where they shared an ep reviving some of their tracks.)

31st Oct 2012
 Y'know...nowhere on this page does it suggest that David Bowie is singing lead vocals (and it is his debut disc), yet it's been on the website for quite some time....sometimes the obvious doesn't stare you in the face at all.......John

24th Sep 2012

16th Oct 2011
 No not mine, still have it. What is really strange is a stock copy sold on ebay the week before for exactly the same anount £1,716.00.
Must admit I don't really like the record that much but its on the RC top 200 Freakbeat/R&B from 1993 which is what I set out to collect three years ago so stuck with it...

Oakley Boys
10th Oct 2011
 A demo just sold today on Ebay for £1716! If the scans on this page are from your copy Deltic37 then best to go and get it insured.

big swifty
16th Oct 2009
 I've never seen a bootleg that accurately copied an original vinyl. You have to know however what an original looks like. That is the value of this website

28th Sep 2009
 Beware of bootleg copies bearing very shiny silver lettering/logo. Original pressings are less visibly silver and bear a more muted silver grey. Other bootleg pressings have been known to lack press out centers and lack any evidence that the actual center was ever intact.

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