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Record Details

Artist:[no artist listed]
Label:  Visaphone
Country:Unknown Country
Format:Box Set 7"
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:1 Owns
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A[no artist listed]German 1 Pages 6-16Rate
B[no artist listed]German 2 Pages 17-30/3Rate
C[no artist listed]German 3 Pages 30/4-47Rate
D[no artist listed]German 4 Pages 48-63Rate
E[no artist listed]German 5 Pages 64-79Rate
F[no artist listed]German 6 Pages 80-95Rate
G[no artist listed]German 7 Pages 96-111Rate
H[no artist listed]German 8 Pages 112-127Rate


9 record set with book.


23rd Oct 2012
 So your german will be much more better than my english after a few lessons :-)

I found "English Spoken with Pictures and Records" , it seems to be a german Issue - Try Dr. Google "Visaphone Records"

23rd Oct 2012
 No - I can cheat. My daughter-in-law is German.

23rd Oct 2012
 And... are you going to learn german now? :)

If yes: viel Erfolg!

23rd Oct 2012
 I did a net search for "Visaphone World Language Courses" and the ONLY hit was "45cat Forum". The book probably had the country of manufacture etc., as the only printing on the box is the top.
I picked up the records at a garage sale for $5 - the book was missing.

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