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Record Details

Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Vee Jay
Catalogue:VJ 581 / 581
Date:30 Jan 1964
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Community:92 Own, 7 Want
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AThe BeatlesPlease Please MeJ. Lennon, P. McCartney10.0  Rate
BThe BeatlesFrom Me To YouMcCartney, Lennon8.7  Rate


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1st Dec 2015
 Note to forum posted
JBVs vid seems to work for me.

Live perf (contemporary with this release) with a bit of diff guitar notation

And George Martin explaining, fascinating,implying there is a Mitch Murray demo (tape?) of How do you do it? and Paul and John saying the inital tune of Please, Please Me was considered to be in a Roy Orbison or Bing Crosby style.


24th Aug 2015
 Monarch deltas:

Δ 46527
Δ 47843

17th Jan 2015

17th Jan 2015

16th Dec 2014
 Added another label variant

24th Jan 2014
 Different design labels for a single record VJ 581

side A

side B

often it occurs?

3rd Feb 2013
 And yet another set of label variations.

3rd Feb 2013
 I've added a slight upgrade to the second rainbow/oval logo label.

30th Mar 2012
 Is there anyway to add information to the "Note" field? I was thinking about how good it would be to let others know what pressing are what and which are more valuable/collectible, etc. What about adding a field that allows user input to add "1st Press: Colorband Label with Oval Logo pressed by Monarch Records in Los Angeles" has "MR" machine stamp in deadwax and hand written matrix"... etc. This would help collectors distinguish between the pressings and educate the massed about what to look for when Beatle Collecting. I also have a World Class Doo Wop collection with some extremely rare and valuable 45s from the 50's and 60's. I can't begin to explain how invaluable a website with such information would be. - Bob

1st Mar 2012
 while you are housekeeping, you might want to fix apple 1818, there are 2 listings with all mixed up labels.

1st Mar 2012
 (Boyjohn, this is the tip of the iceberg!) I just shuffled these around (put the older oval logos first)...In doing so I noticed some labels have it as "Please, Please Me" and others don't have the comma.....John

1st Mar 2012
 added another set of labels (there are probably hundreds lol)

15th Feb 2012
 W.B.lbl, moved your Columbia pressed labels to the head of the class, since they are the older logo (and they look so sharp!)...John

7th Jul 2011
 Added 3 label alternates (the first one though "beat-up" uses the older logo and is hard to find)....John

12th Jun 2011
 It'll be for awhile, Colgate...I keep my records alphabetically by label, just finished scanning US Liberty, up next five big bears, London, MCA, Mercury, MGM and Motown..............Vee Jay is a long way off.....John

29th May 2011
 I've added my labels nu they are pretty dire. Still better than nothing for the time being

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