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Artist:The Four Seasons
Label:  Vee Jay
Date:Sep 1964
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:12 Own
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AThe Four SeasonsApple Of My EyeOtis Blackwell6.0  Rate
BThe Four SeasonsHappy Happy Birthday BabyM Sylvia, G Lopez7.0  Rate


BB bubbling under chart entry Oct 10, # 106


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26th Aug 2013
 I found a nice, clean-looking styrene promo copy recently for 25c at a local shop (label scans uploaded). I only noticed, while cleaning it, that it has a radial crack that makes it unplayable.

30th Jan 2013
 Just heard a snatch of this being used in a current 'Tesco' ad.

29th Sep 2012
 Rarely heard single of Frankie and the boys in classic musical 'pose'.


Dave El Git
12th Dec 2011
 Labels added.
All the entries I have made since 6th November I purchased in Florida when on vacation with 95% of the entries coming from the $5 box. Obviously a lot were already in the data base but a great many weren't. Total cost off the 400 plus 45's was $31 & this is the last one.

Dave El Git
9th Dec 2011
 I have gone with the numbers on the vinyl to decide A & B sides as I could find no other info. The previous owners system indicates that the B side was the popular side.

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