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Artist:Rhet Stoller And The Mosaic
Label:  [none]
Catalogue:VP 1
Format:Promo Only 7"
Title:Sunshine - Anytime
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:13 Own
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A1Rhet Stoller And The MosaicMosaic ThemeRhet Stoller And The MosaicRhet Stoller And The MosaicRate
A2Rhet Stoller And The MosaicSalamisRhet Stoller And The MosaicRhet Stoller And The MosaicRate
B1Rhet Stoller And The MosaicFamagustaRhet Stoller And The MosaicRhet Stoller And The MosaicRate
B2Rhet Stoller And The MosaicPaphosRhet Stoller And The MosaicRhet Stoller And The MosaicRate


EP promoting Mosaic Cyprus sherry


12th Jun 2013
 "The Mosaic Theme" was recorded in 1966, and first appeared on the LP "The Incredible Rhet Stoller" (Coronet), but was called "Mini-Walk" on the LP. It is exactly the same track. By the way, for the benefit of The Mosaic Theme, Rhet Stoller played ALL instruments on that track, as he did on all tracks on the LP - not sure of the other three on the EP, though.

David M. McKee
9th Oct 2011
 I don't have this one any more and like many other records I owned in the past I have no idea what happened to it. Probably drunk too much Mosaic Cream!

Terence Archer
8th Oct 2011
  Bought it a few years ago thinking it was similar to his early 60s 45s. Not! Just played it again now; Side 2 Famagusta percussive intro definitely nicked from The Champs "Tequila".
How come Cat 45'ers comment on different records inferring that they own them but don't flag them? Eg. this one.(I'm the only one).

Terence Archer
8th Oct 2011
 As I read it, it was David's son that had to!

8th Oct 2011
 Good god David, you had to drink three bottles of that stuff just to get this?! Ha ha ha!

David M. McKee
8th Oct 2011
 Got mine free with 3 bottles of Mosaic Cream - British sherry. To my mind no sherry or any other alcoholic content whatsoever. However, my very young son got rat-arsed on it!

8th Oct 2011
 The copy I have and was surprised that the fifth track, albeit a short one was unlisted after PAPHOS. As it sounds very much like the MOSAIC THEME, I am sure this would be classed as a reprise? By the way i got my copy at Oxfam in Whitley Bay for 49p in the north east of England. I like the theme tune.

18th Aug 2010
 What he said.

The matrix letters VP was a British brand of sherry for any fortified wine afficianados out there.

Col Wolfe if you can't live without it I have a spare cover

The Toad
18th Aug 2010
 The music consists of four Mediterranean-flavoured guitar-led (bouzouki-led?)Easy Listening instrumentals, taken at various tempos. 'Famagusta' is arguably the catchiest. 'Mosaic Theme' sounds as if there's some synthesizer in the backing, which would have been a novelty in 1969.

Col Wolfe
18th Aug 2010
 ah, a mystery solved! had listed this record here but hadn't a clue to the artist - I assume there's a picture sleeve too...

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