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Record Details

Artist:Mike Oldfield
Label:  Virgin
Catalogue:VS 101
Date:Jun 1974
Chart Position:31
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Community:55 Own, 1 Wants
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AMike OldfieldMike Oldfield's Single (Theme From Tubular Bells)Mike OldfieldMike Oldfield, Tom Newman7.3  Rate
BMike OldfieldFroggy Went A-CourtingTraditionalMike Oldfield, Tom NewmanMike Oldfield7.0  Rate


A release date of 19 Jul 1974 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 534

A-side is subtitled Theme From Tubular Bells on the sleeve and Theme From Mike Oldfield's Album 'Tubular Bells' on the label.


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Jake Smarm
25th Feb 2016
 The b side is a rare chance to hear Mike on vocals!

Charlie Chalk
7th Jan 2016
 Froggy Went A-Courting:


7th Jan 2016
 A-side a contender for 'most mentions of an artist's name on the label'. At 5 occurrences it ties with this one.

Deepinder Cheema
14th Jul 2013
 Oh no! I was entralled by Beryl a few weeks ago when I revisited her BBC Interview (still on iplayer) from over a year ago. Cutting engineers are a rare breed and this is a desperate loss.


14th Jul 2013
 Waiting to get a haircut yesterday I browsed as one does through the assorted reading matter made available and came across this fascinating Obituary to Beryl Ritchie who pursued a career in disc cutting, one of the few female engineers thus employed at the time. "Tubular Bells" was one of her first pieces of work.

I felt other Caters would enjoy.

19th Mar 2013
 Sadly this single was mostly ignored when it came out but it was an excellent track and is different from the theme on the album.

4th May 2011

26th Dec 2010
 Same goes for this one released later than produced.

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