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Record Details

Label:  Virgin
Catalogue:VS 153
Date:23 Jul 1976
Chart Position:26
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:81 Own
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ACanI Want MorePeter Gilmour, Hans Liebezeit, Holger Schuring, Michael Karoli, Irmin SchmidtCan9.4  Rate
BCanMoreHans Liebezeit, Holger Schuring, Michael Karoli, Irmin SchmidtCan8.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 633.


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19th Jan 2013
 Dead Wax A: BILBO


14th Oct 2012
 Deepinder - I think the clip you mention may have been from the 'Helga & Frank' show. That clip is on YouTube (flagged as 'German TV'), but a 'performance' of "Can-Can" from the same show doesn't seem to be. (Note both tracks are mimed; the show must date from 1978 at the earliest and hence Holger is absent).

The 'comedy' aspect of the show seems to be very 'Benny Hill' - my German isn't great, but some 'humour' transcends language barriers (there's a re-enactment of Barbara Windsor's best-remembered moment from Carry On Camping).

14th Oct 2012
 Deepinder Cheema You need to get hold of the film "Deep End" It has the Soundtrack by CAN, Download The Soundtracks Album and the Track "Windswept" Is the Title track for the Film. H.

Deepinder Cheema
14th Oct 2012
 I have the Can CANDVD boxset. It has several dvd and cd, but if you can stick it the BBC TOTP is there and then cuts into a German TV outing on what seems to be a show infused with comedy. It is an excellent item to get, I like the 1972 Can Gymnasium concert which has a juggler that performs an amazing routine

13th Oct 2012
 Another One that Is Not available on CD In this Format. H.

13th Oct 2012
 I have, Billy, but not in over 20 years! An older pub pop quiz team mate lent me both that album and Monster Movie; I seem to remember being so dazzled by "Yoo Doo Right" that I could barely take anything else in before having to give the LPs back!

Billy Two
13th Oct 2012
 PJ - have you ever heard "Hallelujah" off Tago Mago ? The contrast and compare element with Happy Mondays doesn't stop at the song title...

13th Oct 2012
 So were the Stone Roses...if "Fools Gold" wasn't written after listening to the b-side of this, I'll eat my hat.

2nd Jul 2012
 Yello were listening!!!


8th Apr 2012
 Record #3000 in my "I own it" list. A small milestone, only a few more thousand to register. ;-)

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