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Artist:Public Image Ltd
Label:  Virgin
Catalogue:VS 228
Date:13 Oct 1978
Chart Position:9
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Community:124 Own, 4 Want
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APublic Image LtdPublic ImagePublic Image LtdPublic Image Ltd9.3  Rate
BPublic Image LtdThe Cowboy SongPublic Image LtdPublic Image Ltd6.0  Rate


A release date of 27 Oct 1978 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 747

Fold-out newspaper sleeve.


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19th May 2016

B-side with locked groove

Tony Moss
19th May 2016
 Love the intro to this.

Hello !

23rd Feb 2016
 I've added alternative pressing label scans, no logo at the bottom and no ring around the spindle hole.

Lee Wrecker
29th Nov 2013
 I pre-ordered this from England when was 16 and was very proud to have the newspaper edition. In Brisbane Australia in 1978 it gave me a lot of cred at school. I lent it to a girl from school and she pinned the newspaper to a corkboard in her room. When I came to pick it back up the paper was hanging by four separate pins shredded by the wind. Sixteen, loved and lost.

4th Jun 2013
 Wish I had a time machine, then I could go back to 1978 and stop myself giving the newspaper sleeve away to a workmate. What a #$%@!

12th Sep 2012
 There's an Aussie copy on the Wizard label that also has the Wobble ad (pretty certain ALL Aussie copies had the Wobble ad)...Slight difference in newspaper sleeve in that ALL red print is black, and they replaced the Virgin catalogue number with the Wizard one...except they got it wrong. Correct cat. # is ZS-302...they put 25 302 on the newspaper. Simple office hiccup I imagine, due to the similarities of a Z and an S to a 2 and a 5 if handwritten quickly.

17th Aug 2012

a p mac
24th Jun 2012
 ah yes vera dangerous
or as she is more commonly known V...D
steer well clear.. especially if you got rotten johnny's

22nd Jun 2012
 Blimey a p mac! It's only after reading your comment and looking at the middle page again that I've put two and two together, and the penny has finally dropped (after nearly 34 years)!

Unless, of course, it's a reference to a very hirsuite Vera Dangerous who pedalled her wares for 16 hours a day........

a p mac
21st Jun 2012
 The 2006 tome took its opportunity to correct a couple of errors from the earlier book,
hmmm okay ! ! ! so he researched for the book sufficiently then

censored because of it being a pic of an erect p*nis = (big cock)
i always thought it was a dig at the hairy monster you love to wake up with
you know the one with the 5 to 9 job

20th Jun 2012
 Thanks for all your recollections and comments, guys. I'm assuming (for now) that Mr Heylin was mistaken about the different ads appearing as sleeve variations.

What's strange, however, is that I've since noticed that the essay was condensed from his 1989 biography of the band ('Rise/Fall') - which my nephew, it transpires, has owned for some time! The 2006 tome took its opportunity to correct a couple of errors from the earlier book, but the paragraph I quoted is identical in both. Hmmm...

Paul Vinyl
20th Jun 2012
 a p mac
I recall seeing those ads in the music press at the time, I have 2 sleeves both with J.Wobble ad.

20th Jun 2012
 "Here - is that Johnny Rotten?"

"I hope not love - I've only used it six times".

In response to Pjlazenby - I bought the record with the newspaper sleeve in November 1978, but don't remember the John Lydon or Keith Levine ad (unless it was the one that was censored because of it being a pic of an erect p*nis - don't ask me if it was John's or Keith's!).

a p mac
19th Jun 2012
 In Lydon's, John asked, 'How come you're such a hit with the girls, Keith?'
to which Levine replied in ad no. 2, 'I discovered PiL
definitely remember seeing those ads
unless i'm very much mistaken they were in sounds or nme etc
likewise news to me
mines got wobble in it
methinks the writer could have been a bit befuddled

9th Jun 2012
 Just found out the B-side has a locked run-out groove - after years of owning a copy without a manual turntable....Ha!!!

6th May 2012
 I recently came across a book, sorry, "a compendium of thoughts on the icon of an era", called Stories Of Johnny (editor Rob Johnstone; Chrome Dreams, 2006); it's about Mr Lydon of course. One of the essays therein, written by Clinton Heylin and titled The Wrecking Ball: Public Image Ltd 1978-83, contains an intriguing paragraph which I reproduce here for 'educational purposes' (i.e. I hope any thoughts from other 'catters might teach me something!):

"When the 'Public Image' single appeared, wrapped in a mock newspaper, it included one of three separate ads, each featuring a different member of the band. In Lydon's, John asked, 'How come you're such a hit with the girls, Keith?' to which Levine replied in ad no. 2, 'I discovered PiL.' Wobble played up to his reputation as something of a hard-case with, 'I was wild with my chopper until I discovered PiL.' The parodic ads led some to think the music was also a way of pulling the critics' legs."

Every copy of the newspaper sleeve I've ever seen bears the Wobble ad (as illustrated on this page courtesy of Retaliator); I'd never even seen any mention of the other two Heylin discusses (reading the passage above was something of a shock after 33 years-plus!) Are any 'catters in possession of a copy with either the John or Keith ad? If so, please don't keep 'em to yourself!

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