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Record Details

Artist:Sex Pistols
Label:  Virgin
Catalogue:VS 240
Date:23 Feb 1979
Chart Position:3
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Community:136 Own, 2 Want
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ASex PistolsSomething ElseSheeley, CochranS. Jones7.2  Rate
BSex PistolsFriggin' In The Riggin'Trad.Jones3.8  Rate


A release date of 9 Mar 1979 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 764


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25th Jun 2014
 Aye biggie tembo I have the same deadwax matrix as yerself for the mis press.

The original deadwax reads VS 240 A7 tone (or +one)
and VS 240 B6
and the same as I said as what you have quoted for the unusual oddity.

31st May 2014
 I got the Silly Thing mispressing on the A-side. The cover is exactly the same as images 431770 & 893705

Matrix is:
Side A: VS-240. A-4 tone
Side B: VS-240-B-7

My Friend Jack
22nd Mar 2012
 I remember taking great delight in playing the B-side on the juke box in the bar at my then-employer's sports and social club, in the early evening when there was no background noise to drown out the words. Well, there was f*** all else to do!

17th Mar 2012
 Bought this in 79 from a record shop locally called ma dobb's who's son owned the shop she being in her 60s at the time anyway took the foresaid disc home played it and found that something else was in fact silly thing so went bk and complained she got all flustered and said here's another which was checked and correct didn't realise at the time that it was a mispress still retain the singles dont know if there was many mispress's of this disc.

Paul Vinyl
21st Sep 2011
 @ DJSquare
Too right we used to have some great sing songs in our local pub.

21st Sep 2011
 Ha, you think that's bad then listen carefully to their version of My Way!

21st Sep 2011
 @ Paul Vinyl

Places actually allowed the B-Side in a Juke Box? lol

1st Apr 2011
 I didn't buy any Sex Pistols 45's after "Holidays In The Sun" , find the "Swindle" stuff embarassing, and none more so than the b-side of this. Cringeworthy!

Paul Vinyl
1st Apr 2011
 Oh thanks a Charity Shop. MonkeyHanger you should have bought it, it's rarer then the normal release.

1st Apr 2011
 A Chazza is a Charity Shop. Record collectors are too busy on their knees flipping through records to have much breath for saying whole words.

Thanks for the Black and White labels but an ordinary issue with a large hole in it thus removing text is a Dinked record and not a juke box copy. We only display them in the absence of any other label.

Paul Vinyl
31st Mar 2011
 Black and White labels added + Juke Box copy.

What's a Chazza?

23rd Jan 2010
 Saw a version of this in a Chazza today with Black and White labels!

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