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Record Details

Artist:Mike Oldfield
Label:  Virgin
Catalogue:VS 317 / [matrix: VS317-A3/4]
Date:Nov 1979
Chart Position:19
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:48 Own
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First pressing

There are two different pressings of the 'A'-side for this release although both have identical record labels, catalogue numbers and picture sleeves. This first pressing has the matrix number VS317-A3 or A4 in the run out groove and the recording of Blue Peter has a fairly sudden ending. The second pressing has the matrix number VS317-A6 or A7 and has a completely different, more radio DJ friendly ending of Blue Peter.


Number: 738526  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: Cover

Number: 738529 
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: Back cover

Number: 738532 
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: A side label

Number: 738533 
Uploaded By: serooskerke2011
Description: B side label

Number: 48670  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: A Side

Number: 48671  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: sladesounds
Description: B Side

Number: 74518  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Mystdrf
Description: Cover Front

Number: 74519  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Mystdrf
Description: Cover rear

5th Mar 2014
 Cheers Stiffone. Will Do. H.

5th Mar 2014
 Both versions of the song are already listed here. Please check the linked release at the bottom.
You can leave your comment here to indecate that the A3 is the same as A4 pressing. Likely that all from A1 to A4 is the same version, I reckon. The A6 and A7 is the diff mix.

5th Mar 2014
 Mine has A3 But Is the Same Pressing as A4. H.

Producer Al
6th Nov 2011
 Just to add to the mix, as it were...my copy is matrix A3 and has the sudden flute ending.

6th Nov 2011
 It´s been a while since playing Blue Peter twice in a day! ;-)

my A 4 copy has the single note "flute" at the end and clicks in at 2:06 as mentioned on label.

My A7 copy takes the same time 2:06 but has melody line going up with full orchestra at the end

Same time is done in editing.

4th Nov 2011
 The video used the first version: I seem to remember the abrupt ending was illustrated there by Mr Oldfield lifting the arm playing a disc on an old wind-up gramophone!

3rd Nov 2011
 There are two different pressings of the 'A'-side for this release, the first has the matrix number VS317-A4 in the run out groove and has a fairly sudden end, the second has the number VS317-A6 and has a more radio DJ friendly ending. Both copies of mine have the same sleeve and labels, although i suspect that the 2nd pressing is slightly longer.

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Regular pressing with two differnt versions of song but same cat.No
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