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Record Details

Label:  Virgin
Catalogue:VS 384
Date:Jan 1981
Chart Position:16
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Community:110 Own, 1 Wants
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A1XTCSgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)A. PartridgeSteve Lillywhite8.5  Rate
B1XTCLiving Through Another CubaA. Partridge8.0  Rate
B2XTCGenerals And MajorsC. Moulding8.8  Rate


Picture sleeve with poster in stickered polythene bag.


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21st Feb 2015
 I know it’s partially out of practicality for the long (and hence quiet) B-side, but I sometimes wonder if the instructions on the label were partially inspired by those on early Lennon singles! APPLES 1003 APPLES 1001

21st Sep 2014
 TOTOP Performance


26th Jan 2014
 Just compared my three copies of this
Normal sleeve has the same labels as shown here with "grooving" on label a A1/B1 matrix. Poster version A2/B2 matrix hasn´t the grooving label

Checked further Virgins from this period. Seems like A1s has the grooving more visible, but with smoother grip. Maybe different presing plants in use. The poster sleeves could be printed as well in different Places than a normal. The normal have a printer logo, but none on poster version

26th Jan 2014
 I have a copy of the UK single and yes, it does have the "gripper" edge. I guess that's a win for the gripper.

23rd Jan 2014
 I'm assuming you mean the gripper ridge, these photos seem to indicate that it did have one:

23rd Jan 2014
 Hi there .. can anyone in the UK that has this 45 let me know if there's has a 'toothed' rim around the label .. or if it is 'smooth' ?

Thanks in advance !

Paul Vinyl
24th Mar 2012


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