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Record Details

Artist:The Everly Brothers
Label:  Warner Bros.
Catalogue:WB 1 / 45-WB.1
Date:8 Apr 1960
Chart Position:1
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Community:110 Own
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AThe Everly BrothersCathy's ClownD. Everly, P. Everly9.1  Rate
BThe Everly BrothersAlways It's YouB. Bryant, F. Bryant8.3  Rate


Release date from Record Retailer Apr 7, 1960.
Listed in booklet 'The New Records', May 1960 (covering April 1960 Releases).


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29th Oct 2015
 @Strawberry_Lynn: "Sarcasm, I take it?"

Yeah, slightly....(no foolin' you!)

3rd Aug 2015
 The no. C-50582 is the master/matrix no. for the "Cathy's Clown" side (the same as for the US issue). The record no. appears to be missing ... h'mmm, if that is not self-contradictory.

2nd Aug 2015
 Should the demo not have its own entry seeing as it has a different cat no?

2nd Aug 2015
 @JohnnyRockola: "& Ah yes their career certainly dive-bombed after this...So Sad, Lucille, Walk Right Back, Temptation, Cryin' in the Rain, How can I meet Her, Price of Love, Love Is strange, Bowling Green....every one a dud!"

Sarcasm, I take it?

13th Feb 2014
 How about this Everly Brothers A-side? It's one of my favorites and sounds great in stereo:


13th Feb 2014
 You're not alone, Klepsie. It's one of my faves too (as is Man With Money).

13th Feb 2014
 I'll wave a lone flag in support of "The Price Of Love", always my favourite of theirs...

13th Feb 2014
 Must have listened to this song well over 1000 times. Never tire of it..ever. It's one of about 10 singles that NEVER gets changed on my Jukebox. It's quite a simple repetitive 2 minutes & 20 seconds but what a sound !....

...& Ah yes their career certainly dive-bombed after this...So Sad, Lucille, Walk Right Back, Temptation, Cryin' in the Rain, How can I meet Her, Price of Love, Love Is strange, Bowling Green....every one a dud !

28th Dec 2013

5th Jun 2013
 zebedyzak: the everly brothers were the first nett money-making record act the warner bros. label signed - and it cost them (wb) a sky-high us$525,000 advance - against royalties at 7% (plus risers)! - for the time. (in their first two years, wb records posted a us$3M+ loss, and were only kept going because they were owed ~2/3rds of this in accounts receivable. the everlys' record sales pulled them out of this hole, more-or-less on their own, so it was an advance worth paying: wb records ended 1961-62 in the black.)
(the previous "act to save wb records" signed was bill haley and the comets - unfortunately, they were already on a downward trajectory...)
(the next, in 1961, was [were?] peter, paul & mary, who didn't do too badly either...)

5th Jun 2013
 I just heard "Cathy's Clown" on the radio just before I logged in today. This was the first single released in the UK on Warner Bros (hence the number WB 1), which is why the label began showing true signs of life after this hit. It was a good label launcher in the UK with seven weeks at number one. It was also a US number one, the second Everly Brothers single to top the charts on both sides of the pond (the first one being "All I Have To Do Is Dream" on London in 1958). The US number of "Cathy's Clown" (5151) can also be seen on the label of the UK issue. In about 1965 the early UK WB numbers were dropped and they carried on using the US number sequence in the UK, which continued until the introduction of the K series in 1971.

20th Aug 2012
 Not to mention looking sour about half the time.

David M. McKee
20th Aug 2012
 I think the problem with the Everlys was that they didn't like each other much during the sixties. Look at some of their record covers and you'll see that they can hardly look at each other.

20th Aug 2012
 And it seems Warners' did better than the Everlys in the longer scheme of things, given how the once-mediocre label began showing true signs of life after this hit.

20th Aug 2012
 There is a strong argument to be made for the idea that the career of the Everly Brothers weakened after their signing with WB. I bought Cathy's Clown and listened to Ebony Eyes, but that was it.

9th Jul 2011
 Speaking of Jimmy Savile

Some early history. Leeds - ex-miner. Manager of local Mecca and played records there. Invited to Radio Luxembourg London office by Pat Campbell.
Signed for Warner Brothers for 30 mins. shows, most famous being the Teen And Twenty Disc Club.

First record he played was Warner Bros. first ever single release Cathy's Clown - Everly Brothers and it went straight to number one.

Stayed with Luxembourg and Decca for 9 years. Top Deejay Award for 8 years. Elvis Presley's It's Now or Never went straight to number one and he presented Elvis with Gold Disc in Los Angeles. First ever picture of a British Deejay with Elvis. Every time Jimmy played an Elvis track, even on Radio One he would mention Elvis's Teen And Twenty Disc Club Membership Number.

How's about that then. Mr Roving Mike, if you please.

10th Jun 2011
 Hi Maxonian Yes I fully agree. I have seen this on a 78rpm a very long time ago. It was pristine at the time. I did try to buy it at the time as well but the miserable old woman would not sell it to me as she thought I was a bit of a tearaway.. sad really. Aah the life and times of the 50's and 60's. If you want a particular track, I have a good selection give me a mail to see if I can help out... Sid


1st Feb 2011
 They would have almost needed a 78 label to squeeze all that text in. Fortunately by August 1960 and the release of Bob Luman on WB 18 they had discovered that the perimiter of the label could be put to good use.

1st Feb 2011
 Also available on 78 at the time. Anyone ever seen the 78?

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